Why editing is important!

When in production of content, first opinions of it are incredibly important. If the viewer does not resonate with your content at a first glance, it is highly likely that they will move on from it. It is the sad truth of many industries.

Consumers only view content that grabs them immediately. When on a front page of a website/ blog, it must immediately draw the viewer in with its professionalism, design and content. If it does not achieve these 3 points, the viewer more than likely will leave.

This can be achieved with good graphics (A good logo, great images and well chosen font eg), a nice layout, content that is interesting and new ( even perhaps a different angle on a popular topic?) and a personality that is likeable.

The use of programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator help in this department but are not essential. Free trials for both can be found on here.

Through these programs, individuals such as Youtubers and bloggers are able to draw their audience in via thumbnail and featured images.

First impressions are everything.

Always make sure that your content is desirable and/or attractive at first glance. Content must be well-researched, have a “voice” and also allow the viewer to feel intrigued enough to research the topic further.

Work hard. Work smart.

A gathering doesn’t come easily but by working hard and consistently, it will come.

Traction: Build a community

A point I see quite regularly when people converse about writing, or art in general, is the general belief that if something does not yield results straight away or even after a while it still doesn’t, it is better to leave it than continue to pursue it. Many individuals are troubled by the idea that if their work is not publicised on a large scale instantly, their work is of poor quality and therefore must abandon it.

Do not do that.

In order for a piece of work to acquire traction it must have built a community behind it. A fan-base of sorts. The only way to do that is, you guessed it, by continuing to work and produce more content. If people are not viewing your content, you cannot create a loyal following which means you shall not grow.

Working hard and smart is incredibly important when making art. You need people to want your work. You need people to crave it, to check your page constantly for updates, to hunger for your content!

Persistance is key. If you do not keep producing content, you will not further yourself. Your thoughts are important and that is why you must make sure that people view it. Work everyday if you must at improving your work and furthering the fanbase that wait your content production.

The world needs more artists, entrepreneurs- people that desire to make a change for both their life and the world around them.

Dont settle for anything less than you deserve. You deserve more than you think.

Creating a script: The tale

Currently I am undertaking the task of creating a script for a play for university. While I am out of my comfort zone drastically, it is teaching me an incredible amount. I am moderately experienced in writing prose and poetry but to write a script was something I always wished to do, but never actually commenced doing. However, I am quite enjoying myself thoroughly!


The opening page of the play as of now.


I love being forced to learn and adapt to scenarios in which I am not acquainted with. I believe that in those situations, learning is at an optimal level and only through challenge is one able to learn.

Currently I am writing a script in regards to the topic of what makes a humans life valuable and whether one should forsake their own ethics when commanded to do so by a superior, an action that can and would impeach their beliefs. The story is set in 1916 France and follows a band of soldiers along the Western Front who must be forced to make this difficult choice. I really think this script is coming out well and although it wont be extravagant, I think it will teach me alot.

Once I am finished it, I will surely post it. Stay tuned.

If you have any great learning stories, please feel free to comment or email me about it! I would love to hear about it!

Video Games: A structural necesitty

Video games; A short post by myself

The video game industry is incredibly large, is flowing into other industries continuously shaping them and growing insanely rapidly. Most individuals have played a video game at least once, and have been affected in one way or another. From the old game consoles of Atari to the Nintendo 64 to the newest PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S, the video game industry is always changing, to both remain relevant and also remain competitive in its fight against its rival consoles in regards to sales and technology.

When I think about video games I think about the large influence it has had in my life. Helping me get my mind off bad situations, immersing me in detailed worlds and teaching me skills that are applicable in real life situations just to name a few. However, I truly believe that sometimes video games can get a bad reputation with individuals relating violence and other concepts to the playing of video games. That may be the case in some scenarios but this logic can also be applied to movies, tv shows, the reading of books; truly anything in which you consume and by shunning all these forms of entertainment, life can and would become empty, void of any forms of fun.

I know a lot of individuals can agree with me when I say, video games can help you through some difficult times in your life and have also been a key learning tool in growing up. Some of my earliest memories are that of playing Spyro on the PS1, taking on the Scourge in Warcraft 3 and also expanding my Roman Empire in Rome: Total War.


I played Spyro Year of the Dragon recently alongside the rest of the PS1 Trilogy. A lot of memories came flooding back.


I believe that video games and ultimately video game companies should be funded more, because of the large importance that this industry holds for individuals and society. Video games are largely for entertainment and education, and I truly believe that if these 2 concepts are really tapped into in relation to the industry, they can have an incredible impact upon society; more so than they already do.

Video games are important and that point must be recognised.

Leave a comment of your earliest video gaming memory and why it is so important to you below.

A notice

I’ve thought about this quite often when creating different works of literature, and I believe it is extremely important. However, this point should not only remain focused towards creating literature but for any work of art. When considering the creation of the piece and its various complexities included inside, it is extremely pivotal to ask yourself;

  1. Why are you creating this piece?
  2. What is its purpose?
  3. How is it different to previously constructed pieces by both yourself and other artists?

Art is a way of capturing the human spirit and allowing freedom of speech. Through this point, it is critical for you the reader to capture this within your work and create work that is original and questions fragments of the world around yourself.

Finally, ask yourself; are you doing this for enjoyment and because you have something to say or because you want the end result to be that of fame and monetary value? By focusing on the end result, it shall limit your potential and will leave yourself feeling negative if your expectations are not met.

By asking yourself these questions, it shall hopefully aid you when creating work that may perhaps be the next big thing. Remember, the journey is more important than the destination.



Featured image

The Puppets Dance- A short story

This is a short story I had to write for an assignment in my Creative Writing class at university. I decided to share it with my audience after it was marked and handed back, so you could perhaps provide feedback and/or give your thoughts about it.

Please enjoy.

The Puppets Dance

Fear, the involuntary response to an action or situation, causing one’s fight or flight motion to activate. A feeling of high anxiety consumes the body, until either the threat disappears or the individual is killed. Books can describe fear as best as they can, but words cannot even remotely prepare one for the events in which would cause anxiety to reach incomprehensible levels. I live in a constant state of fear, and the cause is not so easily explainable.

I shall attempt to underly the various factors which contribute to the isolation in which I endure, within this prison to the best of my abilities. It all begins with my wife and the attributes she exhibits, particularly on the days in which she does not feel well. I would call her a narcissist but by doing so, I would be serving my dear wife a compliment, a deed I do not wish to be conceived.

My wife scares me. I no longer understand what travels through her brain.

I do love my wife though, and whilst I sit in my office parading my thoughts upon this page, I find myself thinking of our marriage and all its complexities.

I wonder, does my wife love me the way I love her? I question her fidelity, for our intimacy, has fled long ago, and now it is just a wisp of what it once was. Perhaps due to my high state of intelligence, I am now able to perceive the lies that my wife hides behind her smile and makeup.

She has many flaws.

I have started to construct a series of data entries, demonstrating the major and minor incidents that occur with my dear wife so that we may revise over the misdeeds at a later date. By doing so we may be able to make great progress in shaping her into the ideal character we both desire.

The first time I showed my wife the elaborate plan I had created, she smiled a great joy. Her body shook as if it could not contain the happiness within as tears formed in her eyes, a true spectacle to behold. She does not deserve me I like to remind myself but she is my wife of course. I must help wherever possible.

I remember standing within the church, smelling the dust dance within as I watched my soon to be wife stare at me with eyes filled with dreams. Sunlight flickered through the beams of the roof, showering her with celestial beauty.

She looked like a goddess. No, she was a goddess.

We said our marriage vows, our hearts full of contentment and an undying faithfulness to serve the other. She was so naïve however, thinking that love solved everything. One had to work to make a relationship work, and most simply did not have the time to refine the ties between each other.

She does not look at me the same way anymore, however. I fear she has gone cold, letting cruelty harbour within, replacing the tenderness I fell in love with.

Our jobs grew into our lives, our dreams became support networks for our career. We forgot that we had to work to continue a relationship, our energy became focused elsewhere, and slowly our marriage wilted away.  Only memories on the wall and a dusty diary served as tools of remembrance of the happier days.

I tried to bring forth love into the relationship once more, serving to once again date my wife by showering her with gifts and affection. Her phone was a better companion to her than I am, for she is always upon it.

Here lays a seed of doubt. With the phone, it seems she has another to whom she contacts, particularly in regards to the problems our marriage harbours. I caught her within the library, whispering in a low tone, muttering words that were barely understandable. By listening to the story she was telling for some time, I noticed it was a male voice upon the phone.

My heart was struck, leaving me unbalanced as I wandered to the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of sweet poison, wishing to indulge in self-pity as I let my mind traverse the possibilities of what may be.

I struggled not to lay a hand on her. I praise myself that I did not.

Not every day was like this. Some were better while others suffered from intangible happiness, unable to find the presence of the marriage existing anywhere other than dreams ending in nightmares.

I have found a shoulder to lean upon, however. A sweet colleague of mine from Harvard, offering sentimental companionship and tender touch to console a weeping soul.

My wife argues that by continuing to do so is cheating and an irrevocable step to ending our marriage. Our marriage ended years ago. It is now just a fleeting flame trying to ignite itself on hope and distant memories coated in emotion.

As I still continue to write, I must be honest to myself for if I cannot even tell the truth to my own self, no one else will respect me and nor would I blame them.

During a period of our relationship long ago, I once traced my wives curves and edges with my fingertips, wishing to study her as thoroughly as possible. I wished to understand what went through a pretty skull such as hers, for she was always full of surprises, keeping me on my feet.

I now fake doing the same action. I am no longer studying her but rather convincing her I am doing such, and instead imagining cracking her head open and spilling her fluids upon the bed sheet. I would use her fluids as paint for my canvas.

The final straw was finding a divorce paper upon my desk in the study. I smiled and burnt through such with my lighter. She’s not leaving, and if she tries, I will find her.

I like games.

R U OK? (Day)

Today is the annual “R U OK” Day in Australia. It is a day that seeks to promote others to ask others about their well-being and if they need any assistance.

The organisation, R U OK is a suicide prevention organisation that understands the necessity for others to voice their thoughts and be heard. It has established 4 tips on its website that seek to do just that. These are:

  1. Ask
  2. Listen
  3. Encourage action
  4. Check in

Due to the overwhelming statistics of suicide and attempted suicide, it is very important to speak to others and check in on their well-being. Being by their side and giving support is crucial.


The four points in how to ask “R U OK?”


According to Lifeline, a suicide prevention organisation within Australia, it states that in 2015 the overall suicide rate was 12.6 per 100000 individuals. Attempted suicide rates are stated at 30 attempted suicides for every suicide, meaning that approximately 65300 individuals attempt suicide each year.  This is the highest the rate has been in over 10 years.

Other individuals are noticing the increasing statistics and are wishing to speak out and show that it is okay not to be okay and that there needs to be a larger awareness of depression and other mental- illnesses. One example is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, also known as his stage name Logic, who recently released the song titled 1-800-273-8255. The title is that of the suicide prevention hotline and encourages others to speak out.


Rapper “Logic”, just one of the individuals seeking to bring awareness to mental illness.


As do I. It is incredibly important to speak out to somebody. It is also incredibly important to ask someone are you okay?

This is an incredibly important topic to me and so I knew from the moment I realised “R U OK? Day was coming, I had to speak about it.

Please, if you are ever feeling in trouble or worried, speak to someone you care about. Speak to your school, your parents, your friends, your counsellor; please speak to somebody because you are loved, and you are cared about.

I also encourage others to ask those close to them, are they okay and what you can do to help. Being a support network is so important and it is incredibly appreciated.

In conclusion, here is the suicide prevention line in case you ever need someone to speak to.

Australia: 13 11 14

Here is a list of hotlines worldwide:


Remember, you are so loved.