Once i had stared at the bright lights of the city,

my face pressed against the window in awe

I counted all of the reasons in which i loved you,

But was troubled by your constant desire for more.

It had started to plague my mind this worry,

how i have come to dread this fading attachment

– a now fleeting memory 

I compared you to the brightly lit skyscraper,

in which you related so easily to- an artwork of a view

towering above others with your brilliance,

you were a beacon of light; once my own light.

I never tired of speaking about you, to anybody really

You were always on my goddamn mind

with your hands grasping my head

and your words touching my heart.

Although we do not speak anymore, at all in fact

I still sometimes compare you to the skyscrapers,

but now all i imagine is them falling apart.empirestatebuildingnightpostcard

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