A frozen heart

The days pass me by as quickly as the wind,

but in the nights I cannot help but stare upon the ocean’s above,

wondering if you are there watching.

You left suddenly,

you went and I cried and I fell in despair.

I cannot bear the thought that you are gone.

The words I love you, now a painful memory, where once a joyous parade.

I am but branded with echoes of spirits,

I will never find another.

Voices in my ear, poison flows in ice cold veins.

What have you done to me?

I am cursed, for I am blind with hatred,

 for I do not want to love you

But I must, I will, I cannot.

Used to the concept of waking to shining eyes every dawn,

I now wake to a bottle of liquor.

Lost in your loss, tears have become etched onto my skin

In permanent affliction,

A horrible reminder of a sweet beauty.

Laughter once flooded our house, your singing was a soft melody

Easing its way into troubled mind, calming.

Now I cannot laugh, for I cannot find light

All I see is oblivion, in a darkened abyss.

What have you done to me?

Red blossoms once smiled, the sun shone bright from your heavenly figure

I would smile back, as you’d smoke till grey painted our walls.

You’d hum to a melody, that only you would know of

Caught within that world of your own,

I tried exploring the galaxies,

but became lost within the stars.

I was always locked outside.

Never would you give me the key.

I tried climbing the endless walls in which you built,

Brick by brick I passed, in pursuit of a frozen heart

In which I tried to warm, but you froze mine instead.

I can no longer smile, for I feel no heart

Within this chest of mine.

I lived to see you smile,

A treasure I adored

But that was not enough.

Lost is what I am,

But with you I was found.

What have you done to me?10475015_1725429307671781_2127749554_n

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