The concept of being saved is a great idea that many of us would have thought of at least once in our lives as we as a people desire to be protected and looked after by someone else other than ourselves. However I was thinking today; why is it the case that we as human beings, desire to be saved so much? Why are we not satisfied by our own company, but rather depend upon others to constantly be around; to support us? Maybe it is because we fear being alone or maybe there is a stigma associated in regards to being seen in one’s own company? I do not believe that being alone is in fact a bad thing; I actually believe it is the complete opposite. Being in one’s own company provides the opportunity to further personal needs and wants without the burden or better yet, distraction, of having others around. We as people need time alone because we spend mostly every waking moment thinking about others that we forget to look after ourselves, and thus over time we can degrade and wither away and although you may not see it at this moment, over time it becomes more apparent just how much of an impact not catering to our own needs can be. We need to look after ourselves, we owe that much to ourselves at least. And so now I explain why saving yourself is so important, and why it is. Saving one’s own self is no easy feat, I understand that, and it is all too easy to rely upon others to come by every time you need help, and save you from the problematic situation. But I ask you this, what happens if that person fails to show at the moment you need them? How will you deal with the situation, for you have always relied upon others to deal with them for you and now have no experience or strategy on how to deal or fix the problem? Saving one’s own self is and can be an incredibly hard feat, but it is also rewarding; oh so much. If we learn how to save ourselves, we need no longer rely upon others and thus, nothing can be impossible; no matter how hard or grand the problem seems in scale. It allows you to understand yourself on the most deepest of levels, and most of all; learning to believe that you can and will do anything in which you aspire to do or be. So now I pose this statement, before you lose faith in yourself at the next “seemingly impossible or frightening situation”, think to yourself that you can and will get through this. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself, and have faith in your own abilities; for then, I do believe you are truly

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