A Winters’ love


Seemingly forgotten memories, hide within the shadows

Playing with heartstrings; dark in nature.

Broken promises pierce the ties of trust, slicing rope in two

Mouth smiles with strong emotion, but joy never reaches eyes.

Lies flow throughout her veins, travelling quicker as heartbeat increases

Coursing through body with needed supply.

Sunken eyes sing to lost souls searching for comfort,

Luring warm bodies to a hopelessly cold death.

Stars detail her face, coloured after the earth in which mothers her

with soft kisses as she lays face down weeping,

painting corrupted skin with innocent touch.


She speaks of innocent things, filling ear with heart racing words

Red lips meet with the tortured, and foolish, toying with mind.

Cold corpses lay upon the ground, trailing behind her madness

An eloquent rose in one hand and a dagger in the other

Both leading to the same inevitable fate, a chilling death.

Words of love leave her tongue in notes high,

But the same thing she speaks about was stolen from her

very grasp- setting the future events in motion.

Heart break is mapped upon her skin, detailing continents of tragedies

All etched in permanent ink.

Sadness fuels her mind, as does the need to pass it on

All while blood runs thick on the floor.

The saddest part of all, she still believes love exists.

Oh my dear beautiful child,

Can you truly expect someone to love you,

When you do not even love yourself?74ef93d20ea9c853905293e33442436c.jpg

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