I’ve always wondered why we can become infatuated over somebody in which we have never truly met, as if there is some force holding us against our whim, pulling us towards this individual. What is the reasoning for this strong emotion? I personally believe there is not one definitive answer but rather an ocean of ideas, differing between each person. Some believe in Fate, that it is their path which is leading them towards this person, while others just feel the positive energy radiating from them; and thus become drawn towards it. This infatuation however can prove lethal if feelings are not reciprocated, as one sided expectations are deadly and will provide a prolonged suffering; inevitably leading to one’s own sadness. However I like to believe that if an individual continually tries to win over the significant other, their efforts will be rewarded; although it may take a long time to do so, I do believe it is worth it. If they have held your mind for a large span of time, they are worth the efforts and if while reading this you are thinking of them, they are definitely worth the struggle.

But please remember that infatuation is different to love, and never let the two terms be confused with each other. Infatuation is a strong longing for an individual and is normally an emotion felt at the beginning of a relationship, as well as felt from afar. It can include strong sexual attraction, as well as attraction towards other aspects of the individual. Whereas love is based upon many layers, and includes the attraction, as well as in some aspects longing, towards one’s heart. It goes far deeper than appearance, please remember that.

Until I write again however, do not give up hope on reaching for that “someone” for there is always a chance, and one chance is all we need. I haven’t given up on mine, so why should you?VFKkjd_Y.jpeg

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