The things i’ll never say

The things I’ll never say would definitely fill a book, abundant in stories trapped in my mind I will not admit

Overflowing in past criminalities in which I have deemed unspeakable, persistently in conflict deciding whether to continue them

Some chapters begin with names of individuals I no longer converse with using my lips,

Speaking of the forbidden desires in which we would share and the beds that held our love,

Of the rose scented sheets touched by your heavenly skin as your clothes laid in an unorganised pile, that we more than happily ignored

While other chapters start with tear drops, a reminder that you indeed broke that promise you said you would keep

And the words following are not all that clear, smudged by rain that fell down from the eyes in which you called divine

But I now realise that you never saw anything good in me, it was just a well-constructed and seemingly fool proof lie in which I was the fool and the tears are the proof

Incredible detail lines the pages, enriched by events that are unspeakable

Either from a guilty pleasure or a tired forced understanding, blown away by years of torture

I would tell you the happenings of the books pages, I promise you I would but I’m afraid

They’re the things I’ll never say.tumblr_mdt1aw5WkQ1rus8dbo1_500.jpg

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