The current

All these thoughts flooding my head, I am struggling to breathe above the current.

These bad thoughts, the darkness of the mist, they are recurrent.

I travel through the blizzard, the cold water, it’s pulling me under,

The hands of my head, the demonic apparitions, they will not choose another.

I am the one they want,

My pleas go unanswered

This is my last gasp for air

And I am using it to shout for help.

Swimming in a constant disarray of paralysing fear,

I can see the black outline of the afterlife drawing near.

Eyes have become milky in colour, no hope is evident in the white

The moons piercing my skin with shards of glass, I am an enemy of the night.

Hands are shaking under the constant pressure of this seemingly morbid life,

As I glance to the stars, I reach for death, my wife.

Please save my bleeding head,

These demons want me dead.

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