Bright stars

It’s coming and I can see it appearing on the horizon, inching closer each day. Senior year is coming to a close, with only a few weeks left before graduation and I am constantly asked the question as to what I wish to pursue with my life. Although I know what I would find enjoyable as a career path, I’m too  young to make a decision that can ultimately define my whole life. Yes I wish to be a journalist and yes I wish to write novels and plays, but why should I be forced to choose a course I  have to follow when I am only 17? Such a decision is too big to be placed upon a 17-year-old, but I, along with all 17-year-olds acknowledge that it must be done. I guess all we can do is face each day as it comes and hope that one day everything will make a little more sense than it currently does now.

Everything will be okay as life will go on no matter what. The futures coming, go out and grasp it.


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  1. emmascoble says:

    Had these exact thoughts last year, very relatable 🙂

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    1. klhwriting says:

      Oh if I may ask, how did you get through all the stress of not knowing what to do with your life in the future?

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      1. emmascoble says:

        Honestly, just let things happen. Do something you think you will enjoy and if you don’t, then you can always change your mind and do something else. It seems like such a final decision at the time, but it’s really not. I know how terrifying finishing school can be, but try and be excited about it. Think of it this way; your possibilities are endless. You are capable of doing anything you want to!

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      2. klhwriting says:

        Thank you for helping put my mind at ease! It’s always therapeutic to hear advice coming from someone who has already been through that situation! Thank you once again.

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