An extract from a book I’ll never write- 2

She’s been incredibly distant these past few days, avoiding me with every moment that passes and I am left to believe that I am the cause of such a response. Even her eyes are different. They have lost that glow that they once held, and they once shone so bright and now they have gone dark. It’s as if something is consuming her and she is too afraid to speak out and ask for help. I truly wish I could help.

A recluse is what she has become, having not left her house in days, she’s cancelled our plans that we had spent weeks preparing and now she won’t even pick up her phone. Something has destroyed her and she’s fighting  a battle that I have no clue even what it’s about. I wish to know. She is my girlfriend after all and seeing her in such dismay, locked in her own mind is paralysing me with sadness and most of all, fear. 

I’ll write her a letter, yes, and to make sure she has gotten it, I will hand deliver it to her house and will only leave once the letter is in her soft hands. No words, just an action. I know she doesn’t want to speak and now she won’t have to. All she has to just do is read the words of the letter and know that she’s not alone. Now where is my pen…

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