An extract from a book I’ll never write- 4

The sea was a restless youth crashing upon the murky shore and I was but the watcher, caught within its stare. Its elusive nature was my humble servant, always serving to peak my curiosity with its far horizons and its ability to adapt the colours of the world to its skin. I guess I just loved to watch the way the water was present for various events of an individual’s life, like a second parent, always remaining gentle, even when caught in the storm. I wish I could be one with the ocean, float amidst its soft hands and feel its sweet kiss upon my cheek. I would understand life better. I would understand myself better.

The moon sang to the waves with its bright face, illuminating the beach and its many features. I was aware of the warm wind laying its fingers upon my skin in a gentle caress and I was at peace for now. The ocean always had a calming effect upon me and I do not know its extensive therapy it can have upon a crippled mind but in time I do hope to find out. Medication does not work, and I do not wish to plague my body with such things.

I caught the morning train to the cities harbour and thus have been caught in its many crowds and activities. I did not feel alone, for I felt humanity’s spirit running through me and felt as if I was a part of a bigger picture. No race separated us and nor did religion or beliefs. We were one in that instant and I saw that we all are not too different. I noted such a vision and wrote it down, hoping not to forget and by illustrating such thoughts, I would combat my forgetfulness.

My mind wandered once more. Why is war coming and why are we being sent away? We are just teenagers. I do not wish to die in an alien country, fighting for people I have never met. We can only grow together. They do not understand. Fighting will only separate us more and we need to become one, but I guess what do I know, I am but a lousy teenager. I just hope I have enough time to say goodbye, it may be the last time I’ll ever say such a thing.

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