The Forest

We ran into the night with no final destination to be found,

you grabbed my hand, skin against skin, our love was the sweet sound

to my ears, always running its fingers through my hair,

if I was told you’d love me months prior, I’d never believe it, this love is rare.

The wind caressed our cheeks in a heavenly touch, brushing the hair from our face,

your lips painted my cheeks with strong intimacy, the rising of the sun our fear, the race.

Your eyes burned with strong flames of fire,

it pierced my soul, unearthed every secret, that sweet look of desire

that I have come to cherish, for our time is fleeing past at misery’s best

make every moment count I was told, it sounds easiest said than done, don’t let me rest

for I may not wake, you’re my walking dream.

Let’s run further into this forest, no one else, not now, not ever, just you and me.



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