The future is a scary thing indeed full of mystery and unknowns, first times and at times failure also. It can be frightening to know which path to pursue as there are so many to walk along and this is why so many lose their way, often once they are young adults due to the vastness of the world that is opened up to them once they graduate from school. The reason I am writing this is because I graduate very soon, in some days in fact, and I am beginning to realise the complexity of the world in which I am becoming exposed to.

I have an idea of the sort of life I wish to live and I know I am not alone in desiring something; a certain life perhaps or even an individual. We fail to see though that we shall not have this thing we desire most if we do not seek it ourselves and try with every fibre of our being to make it happen. The world is full of dreamers, and while yes this is incredible, we are losing touch with reality and are refusing to do things that can give us our dream. Whatever you desire the most, go out into the world and strive for it for it will not happen without your guidance. I’m sorry but that’s just how the world works my friend, you need to do things and it starts with a dream. Goodluck with the thing you want and I truly do hope you get it, and it will be hard but it can be done. You just have to believe in yourself.

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