Today I am happy and not just because it is brilliant weather but rather because I feel the vibrant colours of the earth around me than just being limited to seeing them. Everything seems to be falling into place and I am thankful for this. Things are good and so am I.

Final exams are creeping closer, awaiting me upon the horizon but I am not afraid. I have graduated from high school, been gifted an early entry offer for university and am being surrounded by some of the best individuals upon this planet; what more could I ask for? 

I find myself writing more frequently now, it is becoming a daily habit as well as becoming encapsulated in my room focusing upon my novel and its various detailings- my favourite place to be. The world is no longer being cruel to me and I see her, I see her and she is so beautiful. My god, you would not believe it but she is oh so heavenly.

I shall write soon, farewell my friends.burning_match_by_dowhoranzone-d3wc5kx

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