Do you ever get those days where you seem to be so happy and then one little thing can either make you or break you? Those days seem to happen quite frequently for me and thus have become an ordinary event in which I have grown accustomed to. This, however, does not make it any easier to bare and if anything, causes more sadness and pain due to its repetitive nature. Today though I am not writing to discuss the negative emotions that can be caused by these events but rather how to remedy it, to fix them, albeit for a temporary period of time.

Find the very thing that draws you away from the events occurring around, be it an art, sport or leisure activity, and go do it for an extended period of time. Make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea, go for a walk in the sun or even just nap in bed for some hours. Nothing is too important to endanger your mental wellbeing with. Once you look after yourself, you can look after others. Remember that.

If everybody looked after their self first,  they would be a better remedy for others as well. The sun will still shine, but please make sure you feel it.

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