Just a story

There were some days I could not even battle myself enough to win the battle to pull myself out of bed. Those were the most terrible of days when even the sweet melodic tunes of the birds outside my window could not even assist me in my longing to live to see another sunrise. Not every day was like this, some were better than others and some were worse. These were the days in which I found myself in the darkness of my room, curtains pulled down to hide the light from outside and The Smiths blasting out of my speakers to muffle the sound of me crying.

I wished no one to know my struggle which is why I hid within my room to limit the chance of others finding out my defeat. I only wished to get better but if truth be told I did nothing to solve my inner disease but watch and read things to lower my mood even further. I needed to get better and I believe you’re the way out of this madness. You’re the first beautiful thing that’s ever been mine and I do not wish to let you down, never would I wish to see you cry. I’ll do anything to make you smile, even at my own happiness’ expense.

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