Chance Encounter 

I wonder if two people are placed upon this planet for a reason. I am a strong believer in fate and thus I do believe in two people meeting for a reason. I am not here to discuss why two people may be placed to meet each other by coincidentally encountering each other at the right moment but rather to discuss what to do if this situation seems to occur to you.

Do not let that person go, they’re either a blessing or a curse but you shall not know until the moment is right. You must stick by this person and learn the reason for your meeting. If it’s for a good reason you either love them as a friend or if the universe is kind enough, you love them as a lover. However if things do not work as you had hoped for, take the meeting as a lesson and do learn from it. 

The world can be a cold place and you shall need this person by your side if you are to stay warm, especially in the darkest of nights. Lastly however if you do meet them, you are one of the lucky ones. Remember that. 

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