Make tomorrow, today

I’m not sure what is going on anymore, for things are moving by so  quickly and I am not granted enough time to ponder over the events in  which have already preceded. Life has become chaotic and I know it’s not  just me that has felt it, for others, i have spoken with have stated the  same thing. We spend so much time working towards the future and our  aspirations but by doing so we fail to enjoy the now, the present. It’s cruelty because what if we are never satisfied but rather continue  striving for something we do not know of, just hoping that the finale is  better than the current situation. Maybe it’s because by doing so we  hope to create a better present because tomorrow never comes, tomorrow  becomes today, and today becomes yesterday and the cycle continues like a  clock passing by the hours, reaching 12 and continuing back to 1. 

Rather than focusing on a better tomorrow, why don’t we focus on creating a better today? It shall surely cure many of our problems and we can take each day as it comes, opposed to waiting for a day that shall never come- tomorrow.

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