With you

I want a love that burns so passionately, we both know that we shall always have each others back, even if it’s us against the world. I want people to say,” They are still together?” and we both laugh because they doubted us and we overcame their disbelief. I want running in the rain under a thunderous sky smiling because this is just another of our many adventures that we so often participate in. I want to go to lookouts and scream our lungs out, doing ridiculous imitations of each other, followed by a swift embrace of many kisses, acting as if it’s our last moment together. I want cute letters sent to each other, detailing our powerful connection and the various qualities that we find perfection in, in relation to our other soul, our lover- you and I.

I just want the strongest form of love, where even if the world fell to ruin tomorrow, we’d know we still had each other- the universe could not separate us. I want all of this with you.tumblr_oah9p8nabk1tuzt6qo1_500

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