Winter’s Breath – Part 1


The sun was dying, and we all had given up hope on trying to fix it. The land was cold, grasping life by its hand and pulling into its frozen slumber. Even the animals had gone to sleep, leaving us to starve. It was a cruel world to live in, but yet we tried to survive. We had to. When your life is in danger constantly, you would be amazed at the barbaric manners that are adopted by society. Some humans have even become the beasts that we once hunted, turning those who are weak into prey and stealing their livelihoods, leaving them to starve or even at times, using their body as food.

It had not always been this way. I remember the day I read in the newspaper that the sun had been reported to be dying and that NASA was striving to find a way to solve this issue, even if it meant relocating. It was the first day I cried.  Even the scientists gave up, and now they live with us, in this land we once called Earth, but now it is a wasteland of death and plague and lost hope.

“Martha, you don’t need to look.”

I placed my hand on her shoulder, pulling her away slowly from the grim scene. A boy laid in the snow; dark red blood trickled down the exit wound of where the bullet entered. He was only a child.

“Please, just go!” She screamed, pushing me away repeatedly until I stumbled.

“You need not be here Martha. Please, I’ll look after this.”

“Oh, so you can dig him a grave and just move on like he is nothing but a body filled with flesh. He had a life; he was my brother!” Tears poured down her face, bringing forth her details. She was beautiful and once the happiest lady I knew. Now she was just beautiful and sad, no smile ever painting her face no more.

The sky was grey, dark clouds covering the minimal sunlight with their ruggedness. The night was coming, and the hunters would follow. The weather was dropping quickly also, and if we did not find shelter, we would surely freeze or be killed and eaten. The clock was ticking.

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