I cannot wait to change the world with my writing. That is my ultimate goal, to change the world to be better than it was while I was alive. A lot of events are occurring globally that can be deemed worrying; we check our social media accounts religiously watching all these events being reported upon, potentially worrying us. Do not fear, however, trust yourself and focus on the good within your life. These events could potentially only be temporary so focus on things that matter, like your future.

My dream is to shape this world, potential change it and leave a legacy behind. Now more than ever, I wish to save people and most of all, make people feel. For them to notice their heart beat, feel the cool Autumn breeze brush past their face gently and watch sunrises, basking in the warm sunlight contrasted by the chill in the morning air. I want people to really feel, not just accept their life for what it is but what it can be rather. People need a dream, and I want my words to encourage people to reach for them, even if it takes their whole life, they’ll die happily knowing their life goal is now fulfilled and have left behind a legacy.

This is what I want.

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