Writing (The real story)


The media often portrays writers living in grand houses with many riches, however, this is not the real truth as most writers are struggling to sometimes even pay rent. This is because for a writer to become successful enough, they need an audience or following. This is often hard enough in itself due to the large saturation in the field of writing, with many individuals sharing and promoting their work online, making finding an audience all the more harder. This oversaturation creates the need for the individual to stand out from the crowd in regards to their quality of work because if not, their work will be harder to become successful.


Money is often also another issue in regards to writing. Sometimes to become great you need finances, and with writing, this can be the case. Money is needed at times to buy better editing software, to publish work, and to get work promoted to rise above the crowds. Having money is also sometimes needed so a writer can focus on their craft with their undivided attention. However, it is possible to be a successful writer without great finances but it is a plus if one can fuel their writing career with funds as it may fasten up the process of becoming “discovered.”


A writer also needs to be 100% committed to their craft. This is because of a large number of complications that are prominent in this career path and can deter many would-be writers from entering the field. If a writer is fully committed, however, these complications can be seen as hurdles and almost exciting to overcome. They must also be disciplined in their approach, always training their skills and trying to enhance themselves due to the competitive nature of the field. Sometimes timetables are necessary, but in almost every situation, a writer must commit themselves daily to this path.


It is also necessary for a writer to be confident in their own self. It is necessary to do so because confidence sells and if an individual is confident in their own work and more importantly, them self, it is more likely that they will succeed. Often at times, it is necessary to fake confidence, but by doing so you can develop the mindset of acknowledging what confidence feels like and then being able to incorporate into yourself. It is a must though that you have confidence in your writing pieces because if you do not, it will show in your work. If you are confident in your work, it will definitely be noticed and work in your favour.

These, however, are just a few of the truths in regards to becoming a writer. Although it may seem that the odds are stacked against writers, it is important to acknowledge that it is worthwhile in the end and is a rewardable lifestyle. Although the media may portray a writer’s life as somewhat different, just remember that although it may be different, different isn’t always negative.

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