Poetry- Why is it still needed?


Why is poetry still so needed in today’s society? We read the poetry of great poets from differing periods of time in which they existed. We feel what they felt, and we experience the thoughts that ran through their head. Why though is it so important that we continue to read and create this art form that began thousands of years ago? It is important due to the historical and artistic (and many other) origins of poetry.


By reading poetry, we experience the historical origins of an art that influenced history in many ways. We understand various events, and at times we can use poetry as sources to understand key concepts from history. An example is Homer and his two major ancient Greek epic poems, The Illiad and The Odyssey. Both poems give an insight into the Trojan War and the aftermath of the fall of Troy. Although fictional pieces of literature, both can be used as sources to learn more about the period of Greek history. These are both examples as to how we can learn from the history of poetry.

Through reading the works of various poets like Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost, we can be enriched by their words and lessons. These lessons and thoughts by the great poets will forever be relevant and rewarding, and thus always needed. We learn to understand their mistakes and how to improve upon the world and events they speak of. Although they often led hard lives, they lived and felt love and all their thoughts are placed into every one of their words. These are lessons for every generation to read and learn from.


Poetry is an art, a branch of literature that allows individuals to voice their thoughts and feelings through their pen. It can be deep and invigorating and is almost always changing. It also can be moulded into whatever the writer wishes it to be, meaning the poetry piece is 100% crafted by the individual. Poetry can also be therapeutic, helping mend and at times let people speak without opening their mouth, using the written words as their voice. This is a powerful action and why poetry, and other forms of art, are so important. Being a member of the Digital Age, poetry can now be uploaded online whereas in the past it was limited to physical texts, and thus others can view it and enter discussions online related to it, increasing its effectiveness and audience.

These two reasons, art and history, are why poetry is still so needed. It’ll never lose its effectiveness, only its audience will change as the years go by. Poetry is one of humanities greatest treasures.

I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.”-Edgar Allan Poe.

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