Philosophy, is it still needed?


Philosophy, the study of life, knowledge and existence and the very questioning of everything. Why do we still need to study a science that has existed from the time of Aristotle and Socrates? There are many reasons for why we do. These are the reasons why:


Studying Philosophy expands your mind with new concepts and allows you to question your current beliefs. This is important because it encourages the individual to constantly be learning and developing your mind at every moment. This is furthered by the use of “Thought Experiments” which utilise various scenario’s and concepts to help an individual question and understand their existence.

It is important to study Philosophy to question your own beliefs. However, due to the complexity of a science like Philosophy, it is advised that you follow a guideline or similar to make sure that you are on the right path and not misinterpreting the texts.


A lot of Philosophy is still relevant today with its many teachings and concepts being still of practical use. Many of the various Philosophers lessons are still applicable in today’s society. One lesson is that of Epicurus who taught that if we remove suffering from our lives we will be happier and we can achieve that through surrounding ourselves with friends, living a more simple lifestyle and being kind to those around you.

Although the world in which we exist now is far different from those who taught Philosophy, their lessons will still be applicable and can help us to live a better and happier life and be more knowledgeable.


Through the study and learning of Philosophy, an individual can feel more fulfilled and content with their existence. This is due to becoming more knowledgeable about their surroundings and existence, and feeling like they are becoming more connected within themselves and those around them. A lot of Philosophers teach various ways in which an individual can be happier with their life, and this is a big reason in why individuals can feel more content through studying Philosophy due to having an abundance of information on how to be happier.

With the constant gaining of knowledge, it is also apparent that this could lead to fulfilment. Many Philosophers teach of routes to happiness, and through gaining knowledge, an individual may feel as if they have a better understanding of the world around them and through this, feel more content and whole with themselves.

So should you study Philosophy?

The answer to this question is yes. Through the study of Philosophy. an individual will be more knowledgeable of themselves and the world around them. It will encourage continual search for knowledge and enhance individuals feeling of self-fulfilment. Due to the relevance of Philosophies teachings, it will always be applicable to your life, and thus, its importance is paramount.

So get those books open and start reading immediately, new knowledge is imbound.

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