Why we need voices.


A thousand years from now, you wish you had done it.

A hundred years from now, you wish you had said it.

Ten years from now, you will tear yourself up over why you never had the courage.

One year from now, it will keep you up at night.

Today, you are questioning why it should ever happen and how someone else will do it or has done it already.

Stop that thought immediately.

I often am questioned as to why I continue to pursue a career path that is incredibly competitive and also diminishing in desirability. With funding and job cuts occurring quite regularly in one (Journalism) and the other being a battlefield with a free-for-all tournament commencing every day, with each combatant wishing to beat the others, and be the loudest voice heard (Writing).

However rather than let myself become disheartened, I approach the question differently. I flip the question to the person asking and pose the question, “If you could change the world forever with your actions, even though there were many trying to pull you back, would you?”

By placing the question in this manner, it allows the individual to understand that their actions can and do hold value. There may be others wishing to stop you from achieving your desired conclusion, but if you were able to make a change, you would, and we both know it.

We need to get out of the thought pattern of believing that others will achieve what we are too lazy or nervous to do because odds are, they are thinking the exact same way. Every day is a new chance to get closer to the goal that we want and envision for ourselves.

If we can acknowledge that our actions are powerful and we must use them in accordance to becoming closer to our vision, hopefully, we can break this negative aura that plagues our mind. The thought of- “It doesn’t matter, someone else will do it.”

If I have not given up, so shouldn’t you. Every step is a place closer to the world in which you wish to live within.

Make sure it happens.


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