A letter to myself

Dear old friend,

I know things were hard for you. Some days were harder than others but never were they easy. You grew quickly, you adapted and you worked. You watched others from afar but never felt connected, often feeling like an outsider, even when you wished you weren’t. Nights were both your enemy and your friend, being there to comfort and torment you.

You were young but you were old too. I will always look up to you and aspire to be as great as the person you strived to be. Always against the odds you prevailed, growing stronger in one way and weaker in another. You honestly believed you were meant for extraordinary things and that’s how you dedicated your time and efforts. To prove to yourself that you were as great as you wished you ought to be.

Sometimes books and pens were your only friends, alongside a hot coffee in the cold misty mornings. Other times adventures on your lonesome, on trains to places you didn’t know of but thought the names were elegant enough to warrant a visit, were events to make your heart swell and your eyes sing.

You had friends, but you never felt like you had them at the same time. Maybe writers were deemed for tragedy you thought, but inside you wished it weren’t true.

Dear future self,

I wish you have come to terms with who you are. I know you had trouble with that in the past, and it often kept you awake at times long into the night. I know that you wished for friends a lot, but now I hope you have come to terms that sometimes the best company is your own company.

You deserve solace, both in your thoughts and in your hands. Tragedy cannot paint you forever, and nor will it.

I hope that you have kept up your writing and produced many tales for people to read. Long after you go, your words will sing into the souls of many. Make sure those words are pure and whole.

Future self, I wish you stopped worrying about the past. Only what can be changed must be focused on. Make sure those happenings are what you wish. Do not let the world change you, you must change the world.

Dear present self,

Please be happy. Things will get better.


3 thoughts on “A letter to myself

  1. thegrammarnazi73 says:

    I love the idea of writing a letter to oneself … was it a writing prompt or did you just think of it yourself? Lovely prose and I certainly relate to many of the same feelings and situations.

    Liked by 1 person

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