Back again

The holidays were great; filled with adventure, late nights, parties and often part time work now that we are adults, but we find ourselves beginning university once more in the new semester. We should look to improve ourselves and work harder and smarter this semester. We must not look to repeat the doings of the past few months, but rather seek to find new ways to act in relation to our studies and the university lifestyle. These next few tips will certainly help to make sure you stay ahead of the rest!


Although studying is great (Considering you’re paying for each of your electives also and wish to make sure you’re making your payments worthwhile), limiting your periods to be social can have serious repercussions on your mental well-being. As shown here, making sure you have a balance between your study and social aspects of your life are incredibly important.


University is the period in which you can be yourself and communicate with like-minded individuals and also meet other folks that you normally would not have met otherwise if you never attended. Go to parties, visit bars and join sporting groups- the list is endless! A large amount of fun is all in your future, make sure you grasp it tight!


Every university has a large selection of clubs to enlist in. They range from literature societies to gaming clubs to even communism groups. They are great ways to meet other individuals and make friends, minimising the awkwardness that can occur at the beginning of the University semester if you do not know anybody.


If you do not like any of the clubs shown or do not find one you can relate to, create your own. Most universities allow this! Create your own club and help it rise to the top, it’s like your very own The Sims 4 scenario!


If maybe last semester you did not perform as well or perhaps you just want to start your university journey off on a great start, studying is key. Use your universities resources as much as possible, communicate with your Tutors (Class teacher) and visit the library whenever you can. Establish a study routine and try to stick to it, but do not make it so strict that it is impossible to follow and does not allow flexibility.

Library-students7-NUI Maynoothjpg

Make sure you are eating and drinking properly, as well as exercising. By doing so it will improve your ability to study and your marks will improve!

By following these tips it will ensure the next University semester will go as smoothly as possible. Just remember, your journey is in your hands.




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