A walk through tomorrows future.


Every single day, I walk through places where I see individuals engrossed within their books, their laptops or simply gazing into the horizon, lost in thought. It makes me think, what are all these individuals up to? What is filling their heads at this moment? What are they working towards? What is their dream?

I notice this more often as I attend university. I wonder, what are these students studying? What do they hope to achieve with their degree? Why do they want to pursue this career path? Thinking these thoughts, it helps me to understand alittle more about the world and myself.



My future.


I now ask myself these same questions and it really has helped me to better understand who I am and what my place is within this world.

By looking at these individuals and asking these questions, I am proud to say that I am apart of a future with some amazing folk. We can do so much, and we can change the course of events using our abilities.

We are the future. Yes, you reading this post. We are the future.

Embrace it. The world is in your hands. Shape it into what you want it to be.

Who are you? More importantly, who do you wish to be?

8 thoughts on “A walk through tomorrows future.

    1. One step a time, friend. Once you accept who you are and what you will accomplish (big things), it doesn’t matter what others think. People will think whatever they want, what matters is what you think. Okay?

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      1. Well said! You cannot change what people say or think, but you can change what you think and what you do! You are who you are Zi, accept that and more importantly, embrace it! There is only one of you!

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    1. Thank you, a lot! I strongly believe that no matter your age or place in life, you can always change your future to what you want it to be. As the saying goes, the ball is in your court! Thank you once again!

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