Education: The Importance


Why is education so important?

(Short answer- It stays with you forever.)

(Long answer- Read below.)

From a young age, we were often led onto the path of believing that not being studious and being “rebellious” in nature was the way to remain popular and/or “cool”. However, it comes to attention that once leaving high school, this “popularity” does not always remain and your credit/merits remain by your side alongside the various lessons and characteristics you have gathered along the way.

It is incredibly important to remain studious and to always attempt your best because as I have stated before, it shall remain alongside you. Your merits and everything you have studied up until the end of high school will help define your future. However, it will not define it, it will just help define it. Your future will always remain within your hands, but it is always important to make the path as easy as possible.

Setting out times to study is important (A study plan/ timetable), as well as finding a suitable location to focus when studying. Taking notes during class is also critical as it will help planning for exam period to be less stressful. It will also allow the ability to revise over the previous day’s contents at home, furthering your understanding and allowing you to ask your teacher questions over what you do not understand, to be answered the following day. This allows you to remain on top of the subjects contents.



Source: Insead Knowledge // Knowledge


During my senior years of high school, I made it a regular occurrence to submit my work to teachers to allow further work to be critiqued and modified, allowing myself to try and better my abilities. I believe that this is important as in the senior years of high school, learning falls upon the student and their commitment to developing their skills rather than what the teacher is bringing into class each day. I like to call that the bare basics as to better yourself, you must strive for more and attempt to do more work.

Remember though, that as important as high school and its education is, it does not mean you are not able to capable if you do not achieve the marks you do. Further education is able to be gathered at your own pace and as I have always remembered, there are many ways to get into university. Be it through another course and by working your way into the course you want, by applying as a mature age student, using the universities various ways to get into the course eg path-way courses. There are many ways.

You will be okay. There are many ways to learn. Make sure every day you strive to further your education and learn something new.

Your future is literally in your own hands. Shape it to what you want. You have got this!!!

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