Video Games: A structural necesitty

Video games; A short post by myself

The video game industry is incredibly large, is flowing into other industries continuously shaping them and growing insanely rapidly. Most individuals have played a video game at least once, and have been affected in one way or another. From the old game consoles of Atari to the Nintendo 64 to the newest PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S, the video game industry is always changing, to both remain relevant and also remain competitive in its fight against its rival consoles in regards to sales and technology.

When I think about video games I think about the large influence it has had in my life. Helping me get my mind off bad situations, immersing me in detailed worlds and teaching me skills that are applicable in real life situations just to name a few. However, I truly believe that sometimes video games can get a bad reputation with individuals relating violence and other concepts to the playing of video games. That may be the case in some scenarios but this logic can also be applied to movies, tv shows, the reading of books; truly anything in which you consume and by shunning all these forms of entertainment, life can and would become empty, void of any forms of fun.

I know a lot of individuals can agree with me when I say, video games can help you through some difficult times in your life and have also been a key learning tool in growing up. Some of my earliest memories are that of playing Spyro on the PS1, taking on the Scourge in Warcraft 3 and also expanding my Roman Empire in Rome: Total War.


I played Spyro Year of the Dragon recently alongside the rest of the PS1 Trilogy. A lot of memories came flooding back.


I believe that video games and ultimately video game companies should be funded more, because of the large importance that this industry holds for individuals and society. Video games are largely for entertainment and education, and I truly believe that if these 2 concepts are really tapped into in relation to the industry, they can have an incredible impact upon society; more so than they already do.

Video games are important and that point must be recognised.

Leave a comment of your earliest video gaming memory and why it is so important to you below.

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