The journey of a writer


The daily occurrences of myself, a writer, include:

I wake up early in the morning, between the hours of 6 and 7. After a period of time struggling to get up, I walk over to the kettle and switch it on, preparing my coffee whilst I read the news from the day. I hop on my computer and write a short list of points in relation to topics I wish to write about for the day. I also compile a list of thoughts within my mind that need rearranging to perhaps allow a detailed understanding to form. I also jot down worries I may have for that day.

After a period of time, I have breakfast and get changed into appropriate clothing for the day. Throughout the day I still debate internally on the various topics within my classes at university that I could write about later. I always search for possible stories around me. Perhaps through individuals activities or situations, I always am searching. No story is too unimportant or uninteresting.

I consume various stories by other individuals, either via their blogs, websites or through media platforms constantly between activities. I also like to indulge myself in creative stories, particularly on Reddit. I always find a large amount of talent on various subreddits, especially “NoSleep.” With my phone on me, I have no excuse to not partake in creating change.

After the various activities of the day including dinner, I like to relax and get ready for bed. This includes reading a novel and spending time with my girlfriend. I also find I do my best work at night. Perhaps it’s because there are fewer distractions and also less pressure upon myself to do things.

After the day is over, I know tomorrow will push me closer towards the goals I have. A writers life is not easy but damn is it worth it. I cannot wait to make a difference to people’s lives and by writing every day, I get closer to that goal.

One day will eventually become today.

What does your day consist of? 


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