An Artists Tribulation

Perseverance, the word that is great in concept but difficult in action. 

In pursuit of your art, the necessity to not give up but in fact prevail is paramount. If one gives up, their work will not reach the audience that it deserves and thus, the spark will shudder and finally disappear. An artist must work continuously. Each day is another stepping stone to the day in which their work is recognised and appraised.

It is hard, however, to keep the necessary pressure upon yourself and your work each day. It is critical however that you do this. Yes, you are able to have rest days and time off, but it is your future you’re working towards and thus, it must be nurtured and respected.

An artist works long hours, tirelessly trying to improve their creations. You, an artist, must do similar. No individuals work is perfect and flawless. There is always room for improvement.

You must search for approval foremost from yourself. If you are never happy with your own work, you will never be satisfied with the words from others. Approval comes from within. It always has.

You’re an artist. Persevere until your work is appraised both internally as well as externally. 

You’ve got this.

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