A Change of Heart


No not the song by The 1975 but rather a decision I have been considering for a while in regards to klhwriting.

I often ask myself where do I wish this blog to go?

After thinking constantly about its direction, I have been considering focusing the blog on both journalistic facts/interviews and personal posts, rather than multiple categories all falling under the same style of creativity.

I have noticed that with my factual posts, I receive a lot more views and interactions on various social media platforms. I also enjoy writing and conducting interviews.

Studying journalism at university will also allow me to refine my skills and using klhwriting as a platform will allow me to learn new skills as well as have a portfolio.

One of my passions is interviewing individuals who are rising in the scene in all forms of art as well as individuals who have perspectives that need to be promoted to the public sphere.

I believe that with the platform in which I currently have, I can give individuals a voice that would normally not have the platform to speak upon. I want to interview individuals, create personal posts about myself which will inspire other young artists who can grow with myself to achieve the rewards they desire.

This is the direction I wish klhwriting to go. A platform for others to speak and be heard as well as the journey of my thoughts and opinions on various topics, particularly the media.

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