The Greatest Question We Shall Ever Ask


Who are you?

No not the you that everyone sees walking around at work/ university but the real you. The you that is raw and free to act in the manner in which you want. The you that can come out when you are alone at home or in the wilderness, taking in the atmosphere.

Take some time right now; yes, right now, to think to yourself. Think about your past, your present and what you aspire for your future to be like.

Think of all your likes and dislikes. What makes you smile and what makes you anxious, are also important points to think over. What are your flaws? What are your strengths?

Once you have thought about your life and who you are, make a promise to yourself to work towards what you thought of when you considered the future you desired. Only you can achieve that; no one else can, only you.

I truly believe that we become too absorbed into the happenings around us that we fail to look inwards and understand who we are as a person. Yes, we may understand the primary layer of who we are but deeper than that, only a few understand.

To become who we are destined to become, we have to acknowledge that only through self-awareness and persistence to work towards our goals are we to ever become the person we want to become.

I do not know everything about myself and I don’t think I ever will. However, I am thankful that each day I am granted the opportunity to learn more about who I am and acknowledge that I am getting closer to the goals I have set.

To come closer towards who you were always meant to be is one of the greatest gifts that life can grant you.

You must begin to look inwards rather than become distracted by the happenings of the busy modern world. Self-awareness is important and by acknowledging so, you can be closer to the ideal goal you have of yourself. However only you can acknowledge what needs to be worked upon.

Our lives are limited to digits on a clock but by making the time we have worth it; we can live the life we have always desired. You are the navigator and only you.

Live largely and leave the greatest legacy behind. You are amazing.

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