The Power of The Voice


The necessity of the media is ever present, if not now more than ever. As Sherina Harris, a fellow blogger stated on my post “Journalism: A Slow Death” “In many ways, there is a declining trust in the fourth estate, but in other ways, people are depending on journalists now more than ever to hold the government accountable for its actions”.

Sherina also states, “It’s just that while in the past we saw journalism as being newspapers tossed on the front porch of every house, now we are seeing it in innovative infographics and videos. The field is changing, which, in my opinion, is a great thing.”

I truly agree that yes there is a decline in the trust in which a large number of individuals have towards journalism and the media, but the media will always be important. The news is prevalent and can occur anywhere at anytime. Information must be relayed to the masses as it is paramount to the stable functioning of our society. Without the relay of events to the masses, an information dark age would arise.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, “News” is “Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events”.

Without the media and its now digitial existence, we wouldn’t be able to get quick and often live coverage of events that are important. An example of this is the California fires which are devastating the countryside currently, forcing many to evacuate their homes; putting many at risk. Without live coverage of this event, we wouldn’t be kept up to date which can be anxiety-inducing, especially if one’s family is currently there.

The media is important.

The way the media is presenting information to the masses is changing rapidly also. However, it is not all as bad as some people express. Digital distribution means faster retrieval of information from media platforms as well as the ability to communicate with a large array of individuals more quickly.

I expressed here a debate individuals have in regards to digital vs physical publishing and although it is directed towards the publishing of novels, the information is still relatable to the topic of this post.

There will always be conflict in regards to publishing, especially when in relation to the media. This is because the media is incredibly important and holds a vast impact on most individuals. However, times are changing and it isn’t all terrible. The rise of the individual speaker is approaching, allowing many voices to be heard due to the use of social media and the increasing impact that free speech can have.

The media and more importantly, those that use the media to raise their concerns, are becoming more powerful. This is especially affiliated to politics and when individuals in power use their abilities in a wrong manner, awareness can be brought to these misdeeds and action can be directed towards the wrongdoer.

Journalism is changing and although worrying, it brings forth the chance for all journalists as well as individuals with the ability to voice their opinion, to hold wrongdoers accountable for their action.

Change can be scary but in this scenario, I think it can be exciting.

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5 thoughts on “The Power of The Voice

  1. “The rise of the individual speaker is approaching, allowing many voices to be heard due to the use of social media and the increasing impact that free speech can have.” — this is a really interesting idea! I know in my journalism classes this year we’ve talked a lot about the need to have diverse newsrooms in order to produce news that reflects the diverse population that consumes it.

    I think that technology and social media have helped this ‘individual speaker’ grow far faster than people in traditional journalism could ever have imagined; but what’s interesting as well is how those individual speakers fit into newsrooms designed with more of a ‘hard news-style reporting’ focus. Great post!

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    1. If you would like to collaborate on a post, please let me know. Perhaps we can investigate deeper into this topic and unravel certain trends which can indicate the manner in which journalism may go.

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