Animal Crossing: Pocket (Money?) Camp


The new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming out for mobile platforms (IOS and Android) in “late November”. This is the first Animal Crossing for mobile and due to the past history of mobile games as well as the new industry trends (shown here), it is quite worrying how the game will unfold.

Update: Arrived yesterday in Australia but still set for a November release in New Zealand.

The game is also free. This is the biggest draw for most players.

The biggest worry that I alongside many Animal Crossing fans have is the use of microtransactions. At the end of the trailer, it states “Optional in-game purchases available” and this is not good. I understand that free-to-play games have to have some sort of income in order to make itself financially sufficient but games often achieve this in a wrong manner and thus suffer and lose their player base.

How much will microtransactions impede the game in general?

This is my biggest concern. Animal Crossing is a game in which you play casually (or not) in which you work hard to earn “bells” (the in-game currency) to upgrade your house and get the goods you desire eg clothing, furniture. In later instalments, you were also able to upgrade your town as mayor as well.

The use of microtransactions will affect the games overall flow. The entire basis of the game will be affected.

Polygon explores this topic in their article.

Players will be able to purchase “Leaf Tickets” which either fasten up the time to build objects or are used to buy resources. Leaf Tickets can also be earned in game (but often in games with microtransactions, earning is much slower than buying (obviously)).



A few of the responses on Twitter in relation to microtransactions.


One of the biggest draws for the game, however, is multiplayer. Due to the ease of playing the game on mobile, playing with friends can make the game more fun and lengthen the life of the game as well (if the game does good in reviews and has enough players playing consistently).

Players will exchange ID’s and then are able to visit the others campsite and play together.

Until the game releases, all worries are just speculations. Be sure to check the game out on release and form your own opinion.

You can pre-register for the Android version here.

Featured Image.

Updated: First gameplay video

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  1. Very well written. I always love seeing your posts. You have a distinct “voice” when writing and thus it feels very “personal”. Great piece. Oh, I forgot. I love you 😘 xx

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