Grace Gunn: The Model/ Musician


Grace “Gunn” Davis, a model and musician involved in the scene in LA, USA, expresses herself through both music and modeling.

The model unearths her story below.

  • What is it like to be both a musician as well as a model? Do you find yourself leaning more to one side, than the other?

“I am first, and foremost a musician. Music is my heart and soul and all I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I sort of stumbled upon modeling when people started telling me I should get into it because of my physicality, but became very fond of it and found it to be another way to express myself.”

Grace as well as a previous interviewee, Carli Glubok, are both seen in Andre Emery’s video in regards to LA Fashion Week.

  • What has been the biggest struggle for you personally in regards to your career?

“My biggest struggles surrounding my career would be staying steadfast in my organic reasons for doing what I do. One of my favourite writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald says, “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” I’ve always resonated and been very inspired by those words.

I want to make a difference and inspire people, rather than just be another pretty face trying to promote herself and reach success. Living in LA, you are surrounded by so many forces and influences, it becomes hard to stay true to yourself.”

  • What style of music do you create? What do you see yourself being involved with in the future?

“My style in music is very vast. When writing, I always start on the piano or guitar, but where the songs go is always completely different.”

“I recently released a song I wrote with producer OuterSkies called “I don’t get high” this is a more contemporary song about numbing and how every high fades [away],” says Grace.

In contrast, many of my songs closest to my heart are just me and my piano or guitar. When I play live, you’ll usually see me doing intimate acoustic sets. I see my self-being involved in music that matters.


Grace playing the guitar with the caption “December Song.” Source:

  • Who are your greatest inspirations?

“My greatest inspirations- well there’s a few. Hayley Williams voice and writing styles have formed me since a very young age. I’m also super inspired by artists like Phantogram, Cage the Elephant, and Emeli Sande.

I would love to work with an all-time hero of mine, Mr. Marshal Mathers [ Eminem]. I relate to him and his message of “doing you” so very much. He inspires me to set myself apart and to remember that I was wired differently for a reason. ”

  • In regards to modeling, what have you achieved? What would you like to achieve? 

“As far as modeling goes, I’ve experienced some of the cool opportunities and people. Recently I was honoured to walk at LA fashion week for Andre Emery, an amazing young individual with more passion than most. The fashion and modeling industry is a competitive one, but also something I’m honoured to be a part of,” says Grace.


Grace walking on the runway for Andre Emery during LA Fashion Week wearing “Gala Gown Dress“. Source:

  • If you had to choose your legacy that you would leave behind for other individuals to see, what would it be?

“If I had to choose a legacy for myself, it would be for all people to know that they are terrifically made with intention and beauty. There is a special place in this world for each and every one of us.”

“During my childhood and early teenage years, I went through a very rough phase of early-onset clinical depression and anxiety. I felt all the time as though I was unheard and unwanted. In elementary school, I became super unhealthy due to infections I got during a hospital stay.

“This [infection] caused me to weigh about 20 lbs less than all the other kids and I also had open sores on my arms and legs from one of the infections I had, called impetigo. I hated myself so much, and was lost, and confused.” But eventually, I learned that everything to happen to me was actually happening for me.”

“Every single hardship in a persons life is growth. Being teased and such as a shy kid for so long, helped me grow into myself. I wrote a song in 2016 called “I’m not yours,” all about my depressive tendencies, and anxiety.

By taking away its ownership over me, I became the boss of my own happiness. I just want to help teens and kids going through the same things and give them a glimmer of hope when there is none,” says Grace.

To follow Grace and her journey through both modeling and music, be sure to “follow” her on both Instagram and Soundcloud.

Soundcloud: grcegunn

Instagram: Grcegunn

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