Kappa: A Future World-Changer

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Kaide Fotheringham, known by his alias “Kappa” and his Twitter handle “imnokappa“, discusses today his upbringings and how he began his journey into music. Kaide also explores his motivators as well as what he wishes to achieve this year.

Read below to learn about Kaide’s journey to be where he is today.

Why did you create the alias “Kappa”? Is there a meaning behind it?

The alias ‘Kappa’ is actually my third alias. I originally started off with the name ‘Lil Cunole’ but I realised that if I was going to take music more seriously, I couldn’t have an unprofessional name like that. My second was ‘Yng Heinous’ and that had an even shorter run than ‘Lil Cunole’, I just eventually grew to not like it. ‘Kappa’ came about when I was sitting with JVLES trying to come up with a new name by looking for words that I could use. after a while JVLES suggested that I use ‘Kappa’ because it’s the Greek letter for the letter ‘K’ which my real name also starts with.

‘Imnokappa’ became a thing when I needed an @ for Twitter and Instagram and a URL for my Soundcloud since searching ‘Kappa’ would come up with a lot of other people. ‘imnokappa’ just means that I don’t cap or lie just with the ‘Kappa’ spelling

Has being in the music industry always been a dream and/or goal for you? Why is that?

I haven’t always wanted to be in the music industry although I have always loved music growing up. I grew up with my father always playing R&B music like Mario and Donell Jones so I always f***** with that sound of music and I think it kind of influenced my music taste today.

On the aspirations side of things, I have only really wanted to be in the music industry since early to mid 2016. Even though I didn’t make my first song till mid 2017, I’d seen JVLES and DONTSLEEP[both producers] making songs and beats and I started to get really interested in it. I was in two, now deleted songs, of both JVLES and DONTSLEEP back in 2016 and have really enjoyed the creation process of music since then.

Kappa, JVLES, DONTSLEEP and Lil Yachty.

What was your greatest achievement of 2017 in regards to your career? What do you intend to achieve in 2018? What is your greatest motivator for 2018?

 I think my greatest achievement in my music career in 2017 was actually changing into a serious artist. This is because in those other songs I was in, I either had a s*** part or I was doing it for a joke. But now I’ve changed from that and I’m actually making music seriously. I think another achievement for me was making my song ‘In The Stars’, not because it had any success but because it has helped me come closer to finding my sound in music as an individual

Which artists would you like to work with in the future? What producers’ beats would you like to work upon?

The artists that I would most like to work with in the future are Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Tyler the Creator and even Ski Mask The Slump God. Other artists include people like Ron$ocold, Weiland, 909Memphis, BBY GOYARD and Vick Lejet.

Producers that I would most like to work with are TM88, Pi’erre Bourne, Kanye West, Zaytoven, Metro Boomin, Mexikodro, Xangang, Rob $urreal, Thrillboy and Ivsir.

How would you label yourself both in regards to music and outside if you had to? Which people do you gravitate towards and/or have gravitate towards you?

I’d label myself as a really laid back and outgoing person to be honest. I am most gravitated towards people that are the same and have similar interests as I do and have a similar sense of humour to me. I f*** with one of my closest friends heavy because he’s super into this genre of music unlike anybody else I know in school and he likes a lot of the same fashion and s*** as me too.


I feel like people gravitate towards me the same as I would gravitate to them in most circumstances but there are people who like me because I just don’t really give a f*** what people think. In music I would label myself/my music so far as like part of the new wave type s*** that’s like autotune jugg s*** that’s really easy to f*** with if you’re into the genre.

What has been the most difficult situation you have been faced with? How did you prevail? Do you think it benefitted you in the long run?

I think the most difficult situation that I’ve been faced with was being depressed for the majority of 2017. The thing that helped me prevail the most during that period of time was music, whether it was making my own or listening to other music. I spent heaps of time watching interviews with artists that I really like talking about how they came up from situations worse than mine and it made me realise that there isn’t anything holding you back besides your own thoughts and that you shouldn’t let anything hold you back.

One of many pictures on Kappa’s Instagram.

I believe that it did benefit me in the long run though since I developed the most as a person positively in 2017 than any other year and I have learnt a lot of lessons about life through that experience.

What was your childhood like? How did it help shape you into who you are today?

My childhood was actually really mediocre. It was just the same as any other white suburban Australian kid to be honest. The main things that have helped me be shaped into who I am today are my dad’s R&B as I said before since it helped me develop my music taste, the amount of injuries I sustained growing up which I think helped me numb myself to physical pain more and legit having JVLES as a brother. He’s influenced me heaps in my life in some ways better than others but overall he helped me be who I am today so much.

Who are your favourite artists and producers? Who do you think will dominate the industry this year? Why’s that?

My favourite artists are Kanye, Lil Yachty, Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, BBY GOYARD, Weiland, Lil Uzi, Lil Pump, 909Memohis, Ski Mask, Migos, Young Thug, Rich the Kid and Famous Dex.

Kappa’s most latest song with “1dontplay” produced by “Niko” and “Fish”.

My favourite producers are Kanye, Timbaland, Zaytoven, Metro Boomin, TM88, Xangang, Rob $urreal, Mexikodro, Thrillboy and JVLES. I think that if Lil Boat 2 and his mixtape with Lil Pump is successful, Lil Yachty could start on top this year. I also think that Trippie Redd is only going up with his recent releases and rumoured collabs and once Astroworld drops, Travis Scott will be one to be dominating too. I think the producer that is going to see the biggest increase in success this year will be Mexikodro since him and Drake are said to be working together.

To follow Kappa’s journey within the music industry and watch him grow as an artist, be sure to follow him on his social media accounts:




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