JVLES- A Producer with a Vision


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Jyle Fotheringham, known by his alias, JVLES, was recently interviewed in person due to his talent and vision to bring “Australia on the map”. JVLES and his group, SSX or Stix Shooters Xtreme, are rising quickly, with each member finding their own image and voice, while gathering an increasing number of fans who anticipate each new release of their work.

An example of Jyle’s incredible work was the creation of a “unique” styled beat. Jyle recently uploading a video on Twitter of him sampling sounds from Nickelodeon’s TV Series “iCarly“. As of writing this article, the video has amassed more than 353K views as well as 17K likes and 9.7 Retweets (Shares).

JVLES states that he always knew he wanted to be involved [in music] since he “was little listening to Eminem and rap”. In 2013 JVLES began “thinking creatively” using the software “iMPC” to create beats.

However, it wasn’t until JVLES started using the software FL Studio to create beats, that JVLES became heavily involved in the music scene. JVLES states that he currently produces 5-6 beats per week on average, in comparison to his creation of beats “whenever” in the past.

JVLES learnt how to use the software FL Studio through the study and examination of tutorials via YouTube. Most producers learn how to produce beats using this method as well.

When speaking about ambitions JVLES was adamant that he sought a “Kanye style of influence.” JVLES states that he does not want “fame or money,” he simply just wants his message to be heard. This message is “anybody can do it [music], spread positivity”.

Due to the mass of drug talk and negativity filling the music industry, JVLES wishes to combat this and instead “spread positivity”.

JVLES also states that he wishes to “make somebodies day, every day.” He wishes to start the “Australian wave” insinuating bringing forth Australian hip-hop to a more grand, international status.

However, no artists have ever gotten to where they have sought to be without hardship. JVLES is no different, however, he wishes to reinforce the point that he”never had it as hard as others” and that there was “none of that street s***”.

JVLES greatest hardship was instead, getting people to believe in him and what he does. “Nobody looks past the charts. People miss the underground and who’s in it,” JVLES states. JVLES also fought to gain his hip-hop personality and now is happier due to being comfortable with who he is.

JVLES believes these artists and producers believe will blow up in 2018 and have a successful year.



Those JVLES thinks will have a successful 2018. Be sure to check them out on SoundCloud.


JVLES also states as a sidenote, “Shoutout to Lil Yawhh and Sife the Indigo“.

In relation to the group JVLES is a member of, SSX or Stix Shooters Xtreme, JVLES wished to touch on how he believes they will be successful due to their diverse skills and dedication to achieve their goals. He also strongly believes that each “have their own sound and are pushing their directions forward.”

The main members of SSX as JVLES states are “Majiin Blxxdy, BBY GOYARD and “6“”.

To read the interview with “6” click here.

Goyard, JVLES believes, “does not get the respect he deserves.” JVLES furthers this by stating, “[Goyard] doesn’t care about plays. He will f*** with you if he likes you and your music.”

Those that are apart of SSX have a “collection of unique personalities/ sounds. You cannot box anyone [into a single sound style].” SSX can be checked out here.



JVLES “flexin”.


When asked why JVLES is different to other artists currently in the industry, he believes it is because he is “Australian” and can “take any sound and spin it with positivity.” JVLES wishes to bring forth positivity into the industry through his music.

Furthermore, JVLES also strongly believes that due to being able to both produce and sing as well as being versatile in everything he does, he is able to never stagnate; his sound will keep changing.

Coming up in the near future is JVLES mixtape “Blur” however he states that this name may change. He also stresses that he will create and upload music “more reguarly” and will continue to spread positivity. “Expect stuff you wouldn’t expect” JVLES finishes with in the interview process.

To follow JVLES on his journey to bring forth the “Australian wave” be sure to follow him on his social media accounts listed below:







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