Drew Dapps- A Visionary Creator

Disclaimer: Reader discretion is advised.

Drew Dapps, a gifted personality, has a grand vision in which he strives to achieve with every aspect of his life. Through producing beats, interviewing other artists/personalities on his blog, “Drewdapps.com,” and participating in activities and/or content for both his work and the people, Drew dedicates his whole being into every piece of work he produces.

In speaking about how Drew first began producing beats, he states, “I first started dabbling in producing when I was a sophomore in high school. Hearing music from Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era come out, I instantly fell in love with the beats and wanted to make my own. I started listening to beat tapes from J Dilla, Pete Rock, Nick Wiz and got a lot of inspiration. Ever since I was a young kid I was making music and wanted to do it professionally.”

Drew also states that “entertaining people with my musical creations was the greatest feeling to me ever since I was little.” He learnt this in elementary school when his teacher would “let me bring my guitar to class and have the last 30 mins of the day to play songs for the class and sing along with them.” However, it wasn’t till Drew began listening to underground Hip Hop on SoundCloud that he began to resonate with that particular genre.

Drew emerged into the [music] industry by producing for various artists such as “Le$laflame, Big MF Tone, Sluttygang Jay and more” which Drew knew due to living in Vegas which he currently resides at. Drew dropped his debut album “Cabin Coolin” with these artists and various other locals aswell.

However, once creating a presence within the industry Drew began working with other artists around the country [USA]. These artists include, “King Meezy, Lil Sport, Yung 666, Lil Grim, YungJChri$t, and more.”

Drew Dapps owns his own website titled, “Drewdapps.com” which was originally a “beat store,” however Drew “wanted it to be much more” and wanted to build a platform in which he could place everyone that he likes on. Drew furthers this by saying, “Also, I feel like, on most blogs, producers don’t get the recognition they deserve so any music write-ups I do I wanted to incorporate the producer as much as the rapper or singer.”


Drew Dapps.


This is where “Drew Dapps’ Slapps” came into existence. This features on Drews website as well as his own YouTube channel. Drew states that every week he drops “5 tracks (or “Slapps” as they are called). Drew features “4 songs and 1 instrumental with a strong description” of why he chose the songs and instrumental he did. He also features interviews on his website as well as “lifestyle stories and helpful tips”.

Drew has collaborated with many producers in person and over the internet. Some of Drew’s favourite producers to work with include “UliCookUp, Rastaa Benz, Injera, Fish, Ian Kon, Jacob…, Jvrrito, Plus Beats and the list goes on”. Mr Dapps also has beats coming out in the near future which were collaborated (separately) with “CashCache, Lil Rari, and EDM producer Akumo.

In relation to interviews, Mr Dapps has interviewed “Fish”, “CashCache“, “Y2tnb“, “Le$laflame” and “Joe Urban” so far. Drew furthers this by stating,” Joe isn’t an artist in the normal sense but he is an artist to me” insinuating that he respects and appreciates Joe’s content. Drew also has upcoming interviews with producer “Lil Rari”, producer “Thrillboy” and graphic Designer “Nipz” so stay tuned on his Twitter for their releases. Drew is also in the process of a future collaboration with Thrillboy.

To read producer Thrillboys interview on KLH Writing, click here.

Dapps also says that although getting ahold of individuals to interview, writing questions and scheduling releases is a commitment, it is “worth it” because Mr Dapps is interested in the answers he gets back. Drew also furthers this comment by stating,” I feel like a lot of people are deserving of interviews but the only platforms that provide them, work with artists that have already blown. That’s another reason why I wanted to start those [interviews] on my site.”

I, being a journalist and blogger as well, was interested in the future of what Drew had in store for his website. Drew was happy to expand on previous statements. ” I wanted to create my website to establish my own brand, products, and services. I also wanted to use the blog portion to build with the artists/ producers that I work with and love listening to. In the future, I want to expand the site to have more stories, more interviews, and to work with more exceptional creators. Also, this year I plan on dropping drum/ sound kits and possibly merch [merchandise] for people to cop directly off my website.”






Drew aspires to build an “artist forward label” but it will “probably not be under the “Drew Dapps” name as Drew wishes to keep that exclusively to producing but rather he will design a label under a different name. Drew is currently researching the technicalities of it but he promises that it will be “something big, taking everyone who I find talented and worthy, to the next level.”

I asked Mr Dapps what host he used for his server domain and why he chose the host he did. “For “DrewDapps.com” I use WordPress as a host. I would recommend it for sure because of the customizability that is available. It can be a little confusing and intimidating to configure the layout and all that but is worth the learning curve.”

I also furthered this question by enquiring what plugins he used on his site. “When building a website the plug-ins you use are essential. Data tracking plugins like Jetpack are good, and in order to sell digital products, an email delivery plugin is needed too. Some that I use and recommend are Easy Digital Downloads, Huge IT Price Table Builder, Ninja Forms, and UpDraft.”

If you are curious about WordPress and its most popular plugins, click here.

Mr Dapps has also been asked to write for “TrakTrain” and “FreshFruitOnly“.

Drew states that when not working or creating, he spends most of his time doing school related work because he is a college student studying business and music technology. In relation to hobbies, Drew skates, goes snowboarding and also hangs with his friends “getting zooted and booted”. Drew has recently started doing artwork and commisions for other individuals as he finds it “nice” to practice the craft and it also gives him a chance to network with other people and relax as well as create. Drew also likes adventuring.



Drew and friends “adventuring” in Red Rock Canyon.


Drew believes that everyone he interviews has “true talent” and has the potential to “blow up”. He also thinks that “a good number of people” who are on his website will “make it to the public eye soon.”

In relation to advice, “simply get started and do not be discouraged” Drew says. Your first beats will sound bad but that’s no reason to give up he states, ” really started making beats on my phone and was able to make some decent beats on there after hours and hours of practice. Its really only a matter of figuring s*** out.”

Drew gives a tutorial on how he created beats on his phone.

Drews final piece of advice is “you have to do something else to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and that’s up to you, but I think you could figure it out.”

To follow Drew and his career, be sure to follow him on his social media accounts which are listed below:






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