BBY GOYARD- A Revolutionary Within the Industry

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BBY GOYARD, also known as Lil Shannon, an individual with a gripping talent, seeks to combat stagnation in the music industry with his strong will to always make each song different and unique compared to his previous. GOYARD’s past is shown through his music, as is explained below, and thus, his music is that of experience and pure emotion. GOYARD is an artist to watch thoroughly.

When asking how GOYARD came up with his name, an original title to be sure, he states, ” the name BBY GOYARD originated back in 2015 kinda just as a joke. I was in Jacksonville, FL, at the time just kinda chilling and doing a few little house shows there. My name back then was “Pilt Chamberlain” and I really wasn’t fond of it so I was just out on the porch smoking when my friend Lil Raven who was with me on the trip said “f*** Pilt, you need to be Baby GOYARD. At the time we laughed about it but I kinda stuck with it.”

Produced by JVLES and rapped over by BBY GOYARD. To read JVLES’ interview, click here.

GOYARD furthers this by stating, “during this time, nobody went by “BBY”. GOYARD is now called “BBY” rather than “Baby” due to its “originality”.

I asked GOYARD how he got into music, as it is always interesting to learn how an artist becomes acquainted with their art. GOYARD spoke about his mother, stating ” my mom has always really been into the classic rock scene. She grew up in the 70s and had the chance to see everyone from YES to AC/DC when she was younger. I’ve always had a love for music and an ear for it considering I grew up listening to pretty much all forms of rock.”

GOYARD explains in more depth how he became an acquaintance with the industry. “Growing up I went through a lot of phases for about 4 years. I really loved old hip-hop like Eminem and Jay Z and when I got into middle school I kinda became a scene kid. I only listened to screamo and pop-punk s***. I always knew I wanted to do something with music, I just didn’t think I would create music until I turned 17.”


GOYARD and Neko Striipe. Source.


When speaking about hardships, GOYARD is no different. He went through a lot of various experiences and difficult situations that he classified “a blessing” because without them he wouldn’t be “who he is today.” ” I’ve had a lot of hardships in my life. Both my sister and mom were addicted to heroin for many years and when I was growing up we were always being evicted because my mom couldn’t pay the rent because of her sickness. I’ve slept in hotels, cars, friends houses; you name it, I have been there. A lot of my music comes from a place of misunderstanding and difference from others because my trials and tribulations have made it hard for me to relate to a lot of people.”

GOYARD furthers this by stating, “most of my emotional stuff is geared towards [being] a broken person or [living in] a broken household.”

The goal for 2018 that GOYARD has created for himself is this, “to be happy with [GOYARD and his friends] our growths as an artist and to be bigger than anything we ever imagined because I know we deserve it and everyone will see that very soon.”

Lil Shannon continues, “in 2018 is when I will really set myself apart from every other rapper and the world will see that. I have endless songs to drop, music videos to drop, shows to perform; it will all take off this year, I guarantee it.”

GOYARD’s message is “to be different and be happy with what YOU create instead of trying to be some mindless clone always worried about what’s right and wrong. It’s only wrong if you think it’s wrong.”

Lil Shannon, when asked how he classifies himself, states,” it’s really difficult to classify my music or even me as a whole because I feel like I change depending on my moods and mindset. Nothing is ever the same because I hate being stagnant. I feel almost like I make stuff that sounds like how the future would sound to me; very ear-catching weird like sounds not from this planet, maybe even people would classify it as being weird. That’s really who I am as a person as well [weird]”.




GOYARD talks about his beginnings, stating,” I got started because I was listening to a lot of music, that during the time, I felt like I could make and put my own spin to it to really stand out. I’m still nowhere near where I want to be but I feel like over the last year with joining the ‘”1500″ collection and starting my own (SSX) things have changed for me in a more positive way.

Lil Shannon believes that “one mistake a lot of people make when they start off is they feel like they need everything “now now now” like there isn’t any patience needed, which may be true for some, but for most it takes a long time for you to really find your sound and where you want to go with it.”

Before we conclude however, GOYARD wishes to shout out a few individuals. These include;

  • 1500
  • SSX (Stix Shooters Xtreme)
  • His manager, Matt Smith
  • Kudzu
  • Neko Striipe
  • Lil Miami
  • Lil Xelly
  • All producers who have supported GOYARD and given him “a chance to shine”.

To follow BBYGOYARD throughout his career, be sure to follow his social media accounts. These are:

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