BBY GOYARD- A Place of Misunderstanding


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Artist BBY GOYARD, also known as Lil Shannon, speaks about his music, his life growing up, his hardships, who he is behind the music, and more.

Time to uncover this artist.

GOYARD came up with his name, an original title to be sure, he states, through a joke in 2015.

The artist comments that he was hanging out with his friend, Lil Raven, in Jacksonville, FL, and was not fond of his name at the time [Pilt Chamberlain]. Goyard’s friend later gives him his future, and current alias, within this same conversation.

“I was just out on the porch smoking when my friend, Lil Raven, who was with me on the trip, said ‘f*** Pilt, you need to be Baby GOYARD.’ At the time we laughed about it but I kinda stuck with it,” says the artist.

Produced by JVLES and rapped over by BBY GOYARD. To read JVLES’ interview, click here.

GOYARD furthers this by stating, during this time, nobody went by “BBY”. GOYARD is now called “BBY” rather than “Baby” as he comments that it’s original.

I asked GOYARD how he got into music, as it is always interesting to learn how an artist becomes acquainted with their art.

GOYARD speaks about his mother, stating ” my mom has always really been into the classic rock scene. She grew up in the 70s and had the chance to see everyone from YES to AC/DC when she was younger,” says the artist.

The artist comments that he’s also had an ear for rock, and similarly styled genre’s due to growing up listening to various artists, and bands, in that scene.

GOYARD explains in more depth how he became an acquaintance with the industry.

The artist states that he went through many phases while growing up over the span of 4 years. Goyard states that he was heavily invested in older styled hip-hop like artists Eminem and Jay-Z. In middle school, the artist only listened to screamo and pop-punk styled music.

“I always knew I wanted to do something with music, I just didn’t think I would create music until I turned 17,” says the artist.


GOYARD and Neko Striipe. Source.

When speaking about hardships, GOYARD elaborates on the various trials he’s encountered and how he has persevered.

He went through a lot of various experiences and difficult situations that he has classified as they have helped sculpt him into the individual he is, along with his ethics, life values, and more.

Goyard states that both his mum, and sister were addicted to drugs whilst he was growing up. Due to this addiction, Goyard and his family were constantly evicted from their varying residencies due to being unable to pay the bills.

The artist comments that he’s slept in many different locations, including cars, hotels, and friend’s houses.

“A lot of my music comes from a place of misunderstanding and difference from others because my trials and tribulations have made it hard for me to relate to a lot of people,” says Goyard.

GOYARD furthers this by stating that most of his music comes from his experiences living in a broken household.

The goal for 2018 that GOYARD has created for himself is to be happy with his growth as an artist, and be bigger than anything he’s ever imagined before.

“It will all take off this year, I guarantee it,” says the artist.

Lil Shannon, when asked how he classifies himself, states, that it’s hard to classify his music, or even him as an individual, because his moods and mindset are constantly changing.

The young artist also comments that he makes music based on sounds that he believes the future will be [sound] like regarding music.


“It will all take off this year, I guarantee it,” says the artist.

Lil Shannon believes that one mistake a lot of people make when they start off is they feel like they need everything immediately, rather than acknowledging they need to be patient and persistent with their craft.

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