“nappy 01”: A look into the past and the future


Disclaimer: Reader Discretion is advised.

“nappy 01”, an artist with extreme versatility and skill, speaks about his humble beginnings, his goals for the future, who he is behind the music, as well as a wide diversity of other topics.

Read to find out who Nappy is behind his music.

“nappy 01” will be labeled as “Nappy” through out.

Nappy states that the reason behind his name is that it,” came from my hair, everyone always called my hair nappy, and one day I made that my username and just ran with it since then.” Nappy furthers this by stating, “a lot of people think it means sleepy or I take a lot of naps. Nah, it’s because my hair is unbelievably nappy.”

Nappy hair by its definition means “Tightly coiled / curled unaltered hair. Coiled hair in its natural state.”

In relation to hardships, Nappy has faced during his career, he states,” getting noticed was a huge problem in the beginning. I only was getting 40 likes and it was really frustrating, but I was a producer before I was a rapper so I knew a lot of rappers that helped me get me noticed way faster. They would always repost my songs, but what REALLY made me get noticed is when Digital Nas reposted “I got a mac no apple.” It blew up, now it’s at like 1,800 likes right now. I still don’t believe that happened, it’s unreal to me. That’s one of my idols. Shoutout Catsippycup because without him that would’ve never happened.”

Nappy also states,” another problem was and still is my shyness. Even when i first started rapping i didn’t even tell people locally i rapped until my song Double Cup got like 500 likes. I was like, “okay, i might be fire, people locally f*** with my music but sometimes people annoy me with it, like play my songs out loud in the hallway type of s***; little annoying petty s***.”

“The worst thing is when girls complement it. I become a nervous wreck. I start sweating and s*** and become stiff and awkward. It’s actually pretty funny when I imagine, but that’s something I really want to overcome.”

In conversation about his future, Nappy says,” 2018, I want to hit a million plays overall and I want to hit 100k on a song. I want to work with so many artists, especially Chief Keef like I would die happy if that happened.”

Nappy also states, ” I want to grow at least 5x bigger than what i am right now so i can start travelling and seeing the world, doing shows and s*** like that. I want to be able to drop out of school and not worry because I already barely show up to school, especially recently. I got noticed by a lot of my idols in 2017 but in 2018 I’m trying to lock in with them and meet them in real life and actually be in the studio with them. Also watch how hard they work so I can get some motivation and I want a girlfriend.”

In speaking of how Nappy would classify himself if he had to, he states,” I would describe myself as “real” like I’m cool and laid back but if you on some f*** s*** I won’t ever be scared to call you out on it, no matter who you are. I lost a lot of internet friends like that but whatever; people can’t handle the truth.”

“I’m just a nonchalant, laid back type of dude. Yeah, nonchalant is definitely the perfect word to describe me. I’m quiet, I just listen. I don’t really talk much but at the same time i know i’m the s*** type of thing. I’m like Chief Keef, I keep everything to myself; only my very close friends know a lot about me.”

Nappy also speaks about the creation of the music video for his song “I got a mac, no apple.” As of writing this, the song has 70.5k listens on SoundCloud.

“”The mac, no apple” video was done in like an hour at like a little strip mall that’s a 5 minute walk from my house. My friend Rob knew Erik (the guy who shot the video) and we got some clips by my house (which weren’t used) then we deciding to go to the liquor store. I knew the owner really well so i was like,” nah that’s awkward” so we just shot a whole bunch of scenes in the parking lot. We randomly walked into Great Clips and asked them to be in it.”

“We also walked into Family Dollar and asked if we can ride around the store in the cart.  The cashier rapped for me on some weird s*** but that’s pretty much how it went down. I edited the video myself, it took me 2 nights because I had no idea what I was doing. Positive reviews on the video so far though.”





In relation to why Nappy is different to other artists in the music scene, he states,” my mind is just different. People are too scared to try something different. When one thing works they dont ever wanna change from that one thing so all their music ends up sounding the same. A lot of people only make one certain type of music but i can do it all. I’ll hop on an R&B beat one day like on “Dead Rose” and hop on a jugg beat the next day like on “Runninback” or “Hey, look!”.”

“One day i’ll rap about being heartbroken, the day next i’ll rap about hittin stains. I do it all. Whatever mood you’re in, i have got a song for it for sure. My voice is unique whether I use autotune or not, but I love abusing autotune because thats what I’m influenced by. All I listen to is artists with autotune. Autotune is my aesthetic.”

Nappy’s greatest achievements are listed below.

Nappy believes that, ” just having fans, i feel like that’s my greatest achievement. Just the fact that my music literally touches every country in the world is amazing to me. There is no better feeling then random DM’s from fans all over the world. Literally today I woke up to someone from Spain sending me a DM on instagram saying how much they f*** with my music, like it’s crazy. I have got messages from the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Australia and way more places. The feeling is unmatched. I’ll never be used to that. I can’t even believe im a soundcloud rapper.”

In the coming months, Nappy has new music and content coming out. His “mixtape is coming within the next couple of months. I have no title for it yet but, it’s in the early works right now.”

Nappy also has “tons of new music and also expect a music video for Dead Rose within a couple months too. New music from my local friends too. Whole gang about to go crazy this year.”

To follow “nappy 01’s” career, be sure to check out his social media accounts and follow him:




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