Majin Blxxdy- “A Very Bloody Artist”

Majin Blxxdy, an artist who is unafraid to create music in his own style, speaks about his origins, what his future looks like and more. Majin is an artist to watch thoroughly, especially in his next chapter of his career.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion is advised.

Majin Blxxdy, an artist who is unafraid to create music in his own style, speaks about his origins, what his future looks like and more. Majin is an artist to watch thoroughly, especially in his next chapter of his career.

In regards to speaking about origins, Majin states,” I actually got my name from Chxpo. When I first joined BMB he gave me these two name suggestions, which were”Bijou Blxxdy” or “Majin Blxxdy”. I rock with the whole “Majin” saga of DragonBall Z and always been a bloody “muh’f****” so I went with that name.”

Majin also speaks about the hardships he’s gone through to be where he is today. “Well, I was always learning stuff about different genres of music because of my dad. He put me on to a lot of the s*** I still listen to nowadays. He was always very supportive of me & was my best friend. He ended up killing himself on my birthday when I was 15. After that s*** happened, I was lost & started to behave differently.

Majin says that he started acting differently through “Selling drugs, recording music & gang b****** was my thing from that point on. I got kicked out of school my 11th-grade year, and my best friend (Marque Brown) since day 1, got arrested for two counts of involuntary manslaughter. Things were just s*****, but I never gave up on my dreams. I’m still pushing to this day trying to make it, because I have got a family to feed just like everybody else, and I know that’s what my people would want me to do. I can’t give up.”

The goals of Majin for 2018 “is to drop way more music, try to better my sound, and support my BMB/SSX brothers because I know they will do the same for me.”

Majin also speaks about how he got signed by Chxpo, an artist with a big follow base and incredible talent who is also the CEO of BMB.

“I’ve been listening to Chxpo since 2013, and around 2015 is when I found out a lot of my Cleveland bro’s was mobbin‘ with him through the streets.”

I started showing love, sharing and commenting on his music every chance I could get. I then hit him up on Twitter one day asking him if I could be [in] BMB, he asked me to send music links, and from there I became part of the family.”

YvUICmns.jpg large
Majin Blxxdy.

“BMB is Chxpo’s label. SGP is the Co-Founder, but I got initiated through Chxpo then Purrp showed love by mixing my two songs “For da low” & “Ready for war” on SoundCloud. I remember it hitting 10k in 3 days, but it got removed because SGP stays deleting s***. Shoutout to PvrplxLxvn for re-uploading it on his page though.”

When asked how Majin describes himself, he states,” I would describe myself as a very humble yet very bloody artist.”

In relation to why his music is different to others in the genre, he states,”I’m original. I like to listen to my music and then come up with something that sounds refreshing for a newer sound but in my own way. Most my music comes from my emotions at the time. I could be happy, sad, or mad, and sometimes I make music based on my atmosphere.”

Majin speaks about how he started SSX with Goyard and “6“. I had been trying to start a group of my own. I started off with Majin Mafia, which was really just more of some gang s*** that Lil Xelly and I started. One day I just made a group chat with BBY Goyard and 6 telling them it was time to take over, so we started thinking of a name for the group, then Goyard suggested we should call it StixShootersXtreme (SSX) and we agreed to it.”

To follow SSX, click here. To read interviews with BBY Goyard and “6” click here.

When speaking about Majin’s greatest achievement, he states, “my greatest achievement as an artist is getting signed to my biggest influence, SpaceGhostPurrp. If you really know me from the streets you would know the love I have for SGP & Raider Klan. They saved my life through music when I was at my worst. Now I can say they’re family and we mobbin‘ for life, straight like that.

Majin also states that readers can look forward to a new “”SSX” tape” that is being worked on, as well as “a lot more music from me, and music videos coming real soon.”

Goyard and Majin- “My Bloody Woe”.

Majin would also like to give a personal shoutout to these people:CHXPO & BMBDeathrow

  • SSX
  • Lil Xelly
  • 5 Finger Posse
  • Goth Money Records
  • Chiefersdaily
  • Jakesand
  • Keyboard Kid
  • Amber London
  • Key Nyata
  • Kevin Kazi
  • Mitchell Bay
  • Glycerin
  • Trillphonk
  • Trap Daily
  • Internet hippy
  • Lederrick
  • Nedarb
  • CaptainCrunch
  • RonSoCold
  • Boofboiicy

“All the producers and artists that show me love, I love all of y’all.”

To follow Majin Blxxdy’s career, be sure to check out his social media accounts and follow him:





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