Lil Xelly- Talented yet Humble

Warning: Readers Discretion is advised.
Lil Xelly, an artist who is changing the “Underground Hip-Hop” industry with his powerful stature and admirable talent was interviewed so that readers may discover who Xelly is and what he is like as both an artist and as a person. Readers will also learn what Xelly has in store for 2018 and how he got started in the music scene as an artist.
Lil Xelly.
“My name came from the X from Xanax because I was doing it pretty much a lot and people were like “you should change it to Xelly” so I just ran with it,” Xelly says. “I do not do that now. I try to stay away from that [Xanax] as much as possible.”
Xelly states that he started being involved in music due to his brother’s influence. “My older brother was on his rapping thing when I was growing up so it was always around and I was always writing [lyrics], I just wasn’t confident enough. “
When asked how Xelly defines his music, he states,” My style of music is just how I feel sometimes & stuff I go through in life but at the same time it’s free because I speak my mind.”
Xelly believes that everything he has gone through in his life has made him who he is today, “it all made me the best person that I can be.” Xelly wishes “to motivate others to do the same [motivate and inspire].”
“My message to my fans is beware of what’s coming and I want to thank everyone [who is] rocking with me, showing support; let us keep that energy for 2018.”
I asked Xelly which producers have helped him reach where he currently is, as, without producers, the hip-hop scene wouldn’t be possible. “Producers I worked with that changed my life were “Basedtj”, “Rojas”, “Xool”, “Brentrambo”. That’s pretty much it. It wasn’t any rappers that made a really big impact for me. I just worked hard myself and it all came to me.”
In speaking about his goals for 2018, Xelly states,” My goal for 2018 is to score a big following with my music this year to really wake the rest of these people up. Also, I want to hit a million plays all-time on SoundCloud and get booked for some shows this year, work with bigger people and make better music. “
To follow Lil Xelly’s career, be sure to check out his social media accounts below and follow him:

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