Investigating the UnderGround


Disclaimer: Guest Post from 24k Goats blog.

The music industry is rapidly changing, with various styles coming in and out of popularity at all times. However, in this article, we shall be speaking in particular about what I have noted in the Underground hip-hop scene, via social media and direct inspection, and my thoughts on the topic. As an outsider of the industry, I perhaps can give some insight on why various techniques work and why others can falter. This is by no means insinuating that I am knowledgeable about the industry for I am far from stating that and/or believing such a stance. I am merely observing and detailing my thoughts.

Firstly, I notice this repeatedly and I find it troubling that other producers/ artists belittle and/or complain when another in the same industry has success come their way. Hostility forms and it can become disheartening to watch those that once complimented and/or respected the other, to become hostile the moment the other “makes” it. In true inspection through various industries, it becomes apparent that if one become successful, the chance for others in the same position to become successful, increases. This is summarised here. Through success comes connections so if more people become successful, theoretically, more connections are created and thus more people will view your content. The easiest way to grow is with your friends who are in the same industry with you. Do not discriminate and do not betray those that you once connected with, rather support them and grow together. This will benefit everyone.

Another observation noted, continuing on from the previous point, is the aura of competition present with the acts of various individuals. From comments to direct instigations, hostility is obvious. Whether this benefits your aesthetic or not, an individual should be sure to remain open to communication for it can provide them with connections, financial support etc. If you are to create an aura of friendliness and/or professionality in regards to your art, it will aid you in the long run of your career.

A personal complaint I have, not just in regards to the music industry but rather the media sphere in general, is the act of taking advantage of and/or assuming that you are entitled to a service. If you are asking for a service, generally compensation is required. This can either be through financial support or any beneficial compensation that is deemed acceptable between both parties. A service, by definition, is “a type of economic activity that is intangible, is not stored and does not result in ownership. A service is consumed at the point of sale”. By reading this, you will become aware that a service is consumed once a sale is actioned. If you wish free work to be had, approach the desirable party in an appropriate and polite manner, and find an agreement that can benefit both parties. Do not feel entitled to free work, that is not the way of successfulness.

Through reading this, it can seem that I am focusing on the negative aspects of the industry. I have detailed the attributes I believe to be poor because, in comparison to the positive aspects, the negatives are far less in number. There is incredible talent in the underground and I am privileged to be in a period where accessing others art is easy and achievable. If you believe you have talent, do not hesitate to work on your art every single day. By looking at these negative attributes, the negativity of the industry can hopefully be diminished and every artist and/or producer can succeed. You are all in this together, I implore you to acknowledge this.

This post was originally written on “24k Goats” as a guest post. 24k is a blog focused on the underground music industry and comments on various songs/ artists/producers and also interviews various talents. Click here to check 24k out.

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