Kevin Kazi- A star whose continued success cannot be extinguished

Disclaimer: Reader discretion is advised.

An artist that is gathering a lot of attention recently, Kevin Kazi, is interviewed due to both his current achievements and his future ambitions which are becoming more realistic by the day. From getting attention by both Adam22 and Billie Eilish, to getting over 1 million plays on his music, Kazi’s career is only going up.

I think it is important first of all to comment on Kazi’s success and how he is gathering lots of traction, especially for his age [17].

Kevin within the past few months had issues with media personality Adam22 from the NoJumper Podcast series over a tweet. This originated because Adam22 was contacted by a label to check out Kevin as a potential talent.

Kevin states, “I made a joke about Adam that I didn’t even write and he told a label that was looking at me to not sign me but its whatever, they still f*** with me. I handled the situation greatly, I never snapped on Adam [retaliated] because that’s someone that can actually help me, and he apologized with a DM and a whole YouTube video.

Kevin Kazi has also been getting recognition by other big names, including his favourite artist “Billie Eilish.”

Thank you Billie💕

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Billie shared on her Instagram story her reaction to Kevin’s song titled “Billie Eilish.” Billie also shared his song on her SoundCloud page. The song is linked below.

Speaking about Kevin Kazi’s name, Kevin states “Kevin N’kazi is my government name. The apostrophe after the ‘n’ makes it silent so I just took it off.”

To be where Kazi is right now, he has gone through situations that have been both difficult and hardening, however Kazi classifies it as a “blessing”.

“I’ve seen and done a lot of things growing up that opened my eyes to the world early.” Kazi states that people ” used to get killed or shot every week in the neighbourhood I grew up in and no cap [being serious] I used to be scared so I kept in mind that if I ever have kids, they won’t have to ever experience no s*** like that.”

“All that s*** was a blessing; it gave me drive.”

When asked what Kazi has prepared for 2018 and what his goals are for the year, he states,” I turn 18 this year so I’m trying to make it far enough to where I can take care of myself without worrying about my parents because they finna [will] kick me out.”


Kevin Kazi; the artist about to blow.


It is important to understand what an artist is like behind they’re music. Kazi says, ” I’m a determined person like all jokes aside I actually love making music. People think because I like to joke on twitter I’m not a serious person but this music s*** is my lifeline so I keep it very close to me. I’m perseverant. People are folding [giving up] over the slightest pressure.”

Kevin furthers this by stating that people “would be surprised the s*** I hear every day from the people that are supposed to love me but its whatever.”

“I don’t think I’m unique enough yet but I’m working on it” Kevin states. ” I love industry rappers though, I’m never on that “f*** the industry” because I actually f*** with most mainstream music but I’m hungrier than them.”

“I feel like because most rappers in the industry already made it so they stopped trying.”

Kazi believes that he is grateful for where he currently. “Im grateful for the position I’m at now but i feel like I haven’t achieved anything super great but having fans and a million plus plays.

This year Kazi wishes to do “more shows and possibly another ep [Extended- Play] music video(s).

Kazi also wishes to work with “CaptainCrunch, Stoopidxool, Pi’erre Bourne, and the same producers I been working with TayMasterChef, Alecto,Juggman Rico,Blkyth”

“For artists, I want to do some s*** with Billie Eilish, Travis Scott, Chief Keef, Lil Uzi Vert, P2thegoldmask, Black Kray and Icytwat.”

To follow Kazi’s increasing success and to keep up to date with his career, be sure to follow him on:









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