Blog Update- 1


KLH Writing is and has always been a platform to connect ideas to their creation. It focuses on the media sphere and comments on those belonging in the public eye due to their art and/or talent. It has been my complete privilege to interview and write articles about those who I believe have tremendous talent and deserve to have their story written for thousands to see. I, however, cannot see and interview everyone that I wish to interview due to being only one individual; being understaffed.

In recent weeks, due to a staggering amount of work in which has been undertaken, both visible and behind the scenes, it has been made apparent that I will have to start looking for another writer to fill the ranks and increase content supply rates and decrease periods of content drought. I will create a post when the time has come for me to start looking.

Secondly, I would like to make it clear that contacting me to conduct an interview with you is now no longer applicable. I will contact you personally, either through your social media account or via email if I would like to conduct an interview with you. This has been due to many requests, some positive and some not so positive, and I do not have the time to respond to every request.

To connect with me and increase the odds that I will see and your work, communicate with me on my social media, listed on KLH Writing, and if I wish to conduct an interview, you will be contacted.

I like to remain as transparent as possible and will continue to do so. Please stay tuned to both my Twitter and my website to keep up to date with any news.


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