Cain- The Creator Of An Empire


Disclaimer: Reader discretion is advised due to explicit content.

Artist Ace Mccain, who goes by Cain, from Houston, Texas, isn’t just an artist pushing for his dreams. Cain is pushing the Underground music scene with his dream for all to “eat and succeed”.

Ever since Cain was young he has enjoyed music and the culture surrounding it. “I was gonna be with it [music] one way or another. ”

Cain is a fan of his home city of Houston, Texas, and believes the city is a part of him and helped him become the individual and artist he is today.

“I am for the city. I’m all about my town. I’m nothing without it, it made me what I am today”, Cain says.

However, Cain’s life wasn’t always what it is now. Cain struggled in the beginning, and came from the “slums”.

“My background is the bottom, the slums, the trap. I really came from nothing. [People] said I’ll never be s***, now I’m the s***- big difference,” Cain says.


Artist Ace Mccain, also known as “Cain”. Source: Ace Mccain.

The name Cain was based on the character “Caine” from the “Menace to Society” movie in which Cain says he related to as both individuals shared similar experiences and attributes.

“My culture just gave me the name [Cain] and adapted the name to me and my surroundings, it just stuck,” Cain says.

Cain’s music is a part of a genre in which he has dubbed “trillsoul.”

“All I do is vent my life over soulful things to give you a blessing. I’m all about soulful things. I grew up around a lot heaven and hell so I gotta preach the good and bad situations to let everybody know I made it through it all- so can you,” Mccain says.

Making music isn’t all Cain does, however. Cain is pushing the underground culture forward with his impressive approach to work ethic and business tactics.

Cain is involved in many underground platforms, including ones created by himself.

“I’m the creator of “CW,” also known as Cainsworld. This is my label and music brand,” Cain says.

Cainsworld is dedicated to “Live To Make Brands & Artists Dreams Come True.”

“I am also the inventor of “3rd,” my clothing brand that was just made in 2018. I am also the life breather into “ 7 “ and the “Se7ven Brand” platform for creatives and artists.”

unnamed (1).jpg

ScumBag Magazine “Rather die on my feet than live on my knees”. Credit: Ace Mccain.

Cain is also involved in ScumBag Magazine as a talent scout, dedicated to scouting talent in the underground and helping individuals get their voice heard.

Mccain is also partnered with Dxxdrich apparel.


DxxdRich Apparel. Credit: Ace Mccain

Regarding Cains musical background, Cain took it [music] serious after a talent show at Gwinnet High School, northside Atlanta, in which he competed in.

Cain says that in that talent show he competed against individuals like Chef Trez.

Making songs wasn’t Cain’s passion at the beginning, as the artist preferred to freestyle. After he lost the freestyle, Cain said “f*** rap, it’s not for me” but a year or two later his mindset changed.

Cain met artists “Jon Banks” and “LB Cyphers” who now goes by the name “Larry Kush” who helped the artist get back into the rap game.

Following this, Cain was approached for a label meeting in which he had his first deal at as a young teenager in junior high. This independent record label had ties with Sony Music and Empire Distribution 

“I was just living a dream. Kicking in doors by day, at night heading to the study after school. I was living a double life and a fast one at that. I almost died too many times but there’s a reason I’m here,” Cain says.

Cain says his greatest achievement is building a great and loyal (organic) fanbase. No matter the numbers, Cain is thankful for “everyone”.

“”Honestly, this is my life. This all I ever dreamed of,” says Cain.

Cain believes that the sleepless and foodless nights he has experienced to ensure his vision stays strong and prospers is worth it.

“I am music. This is me,” Cain says.

If you are curious what else Cain likes besides music and continuing his dream, you are in luck.

“I enjoy good anime, dope strains of cannibus and opening my 3rd Eye to more knowledge. People don’t know the truth [about everything], they’re blind,” says Cain

Cains final message to all readers and his followers is to invest in yourself and your craft.

If you need any advice or help, Cain says that he can help you find the right path.

“Always do your research. This game is dirty. It’s 80 percent business, 10% fashion and the other 10% is music unfortunately in today’s game but make sure you know your business and brand,” says Mccain.

“I appreciate all my sponsers and brands that have been involved in my movements. I also appreciate the brands that see the vision and allow me to bring it to life the best way I can, everyday. Open Your 3rd Eye.”

To follow Cain and his impressive empire, be sure to check out his social media accounts linked below.




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