Lil Xelly- An Analysis of the Rising Artist


Maryland artist Lil Xelly has found one of his strengths- the ability to outperform most other artists through his consistent production of music. 

To get an understanding of how Xelly has come to succeed at the rate he now is, we need to look at where his music comes from- his SoundCloud.


Lil Xelly’s SoundCloud. A vast collection of his music and experiences. Photo by Kyle Hughes.

As you can see in the above image, as well as by checking out his SoundCloud for yourself, Xelly uploads music on a very regular basis. The artist publishes music more than most other individuals in the music game.

By having a fast upload rate for his music, and a quality that does not suffer, he can keep both his fans and new listeners interested consistently.

Through analysing his work ethic, it becomes obvious that if you wish to pick up the traction in which Xelly currently is, you must work on continuously publishing new music that is enticing to new audiences, and pleasing to old fans.

However, the debate can arise of “quantity vs quality” and although Xelly’s music does not suffer, not every artist is able to release music continuously – and that is okay.

If you are unable to release new music religiously due to out of control commitments (etc work and other) make sure that each hit you release is your best effort.

If you find that you need breaks between each upload of new music to maintain both creativity and dedication to the craft – take a break. Every artist is different.

Perhaps use the time that you are not creating new music to further your marketing and connections.

Both require commitment to perfecting, and enable musicians to grow at a faster rate – plus retain audiences for longer.

Another tip I’ve found that Xelly incorporates is that of keeping your fans “in the loop”.

Xelly is very active on social media and is always engaging with the community. Whenever something is going to occur, Xelly ensures that his fans know. This creates trust between both artist and audience. 


Xelly keeps his audience notified 24/7. “This creates trust between both artist and audience. ” Photo by Kyle Hughes.

From this action, you can see how utilising social media in different ways and engaging with your audience more often can positively impact your branding.

Xelly also does something that very few other artists do, and it relates back to the previous point.

If you have been on Twitter recently, and follow Xelly, or even if you don’t but are a member of the scene, you will have noticed something.

Xelly’s name is always on your timeline.

This is a very smart tactic because it means as a Twitter user you will become more engaged with Xelly’s career as it will become a familiar sight seeing Xelly’s name consistently.

However, as an artist, it is smart also as by ensuring that his name is constantly on your timeline, it increases the chance that new individuals will follow him and engage with his posts- furthering his reach to new audiences each time someone new engages to a tweet.

You may ask, how does Xelly do this?

Well, I have a few theories:

  1. Xelly goes through his notifications and shares and likes anything that he is mentioned in.
  2. Xelly searches his name up in the search bar and responds to any engagement.
  3. Another theory is that Xelly uses a tool such as TweetDeck to keep up to date.

Xelly may also use multiple of these methods or none that I have listed.

If you are considering increasing your engagement, I recommend using TweetDeck as it simplifies the whole process and maximises engagement to your audience.


How TweetDeck works. I searched up my Twitter handle as an example. Photo by Kyle Hughes.

Another action in which Xelly does is the sharing of his fans reactions towards his music on his social media, particularly on his Instagram story.

Xelly either screen records on his phone while watching his fans videos, captures the photo sent to him or directly uploads both photos and videos to his story.

By uploading the fans reaction content, it creates a bond with his audience and allows further exposure both for himself and his fans.

Doing this is a smart marketing technique as well as a genuine and nice action to connect with his fan base.

Out of this analysis, you can take out a few points in which can help you further your own exposure as an artist:

  1. Upload as much quality music as you can without sacrificing your music integrity. If you need a break due to “music block” or lack of inspiration, that is fine.
  2. Communicate with your audience regularly on all social media platforms. Keep them in “the loop”.
  3. Share content that relates to yourself by either searching yourself up or using a utility such as TweetDeck.
  4. Share your fans reactions to your music, particularly on “story” services.

Lil Xelly is definitely an artist to blow up real soon. With his work ethic, quality and dedication to succeed, he is an artist to watch thoroughly.

Which song of Xelly’s is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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