Creation Of A Talk Show


If you follow me on social media, you might’ve seen one of my latest posts about starting a talk show styled series. Through a discussion with producer Dontsleep, an Australian producer, the idea of creating a talk show styled episode formed.

Imagine me sitting in front of various cameras, alongside producer Thrillboy and artist/producer JVLES and Dontsleep, answering questions from the public.

We share a few drinks on a couch and chat about important topics, chat about music, our careers, who we think is blowing up and will be next on the scene etc.

The name for the show hasn’t formed yet but it is in the works. A submission method for fans and the public to submit questions for us to answer while Live is also being worked on.

Artists Vick Lejet, Kappa, and Seyko may also make an appearance.

I will still continue with Dark Rose Podcast, as well as my blog articles as they are extremely important.

This talk show will not happen frequently, but I assure you that you will find the episodes very interesting.

I find that written words and voice may not always capture an individual’s whole image, but by seeing them on a video you can get a better understanding of who they are. By seeing your favorite producers and artists on video, you will learn so much more about them.

You will also get to see a relaxed environment as all members and guests chat freely together.

To stay tuned with news regarding the talk show, as well as the blog, stay tuned to my social media accounts listed below.




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